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Yes, well done Spletsie.

The original locality was spelt Holdsworthy (Holds Worthy=Regards as valuable), and this spelling was used for the original 1918 branchline and terminal station, until the  ...

Some good responses there, but not the stations I'm thinking of.

Ooh, good but not the one I'm thinking of.

Hint: There have been two stations with this name, but not spelt the same!

Some locos in a familiar paint scheme on this Broker's site:

[url=] ...

How about the original name for a station, branch and second station that is "Regarded as valuable"?

This will give it away:-

Does underground noise disturb a sleeper, initially?



And regarding stops on the Mountains, the stops at Springwood and Penrith are SET DOWN ONLY on the Up timetable, and PICK UP ONLY on the Down timetable. This is never observed or policed and the 2 car ...

A point touched on, but not fully explained, is that the Bullet is a NSW Trains INTERCITY service, ie no booked seats and passengers pay with OPAL card. The original reason Rydal and Tarana wer ...

But what was the trigger for the need to act about it in any case?

Probably reviewed following the collapse of Grenfell Station's tank. But that was a 115 year old timber struct ...

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