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Was good to be behind 3642 yesterday whilst being pushed by the diesel behind! I honestly don't want to be *that person* and I'm extremely thankful for all those volunteers who put the time and effort ...

Man, it would have been nice for them to email customers to let them know that he departure time had changed from 9 and that another loco had been found. Really disappointed about the lack of communic ...

I saw this. Very disappointed to be honest as I'm coming down from Noosa!

Sorry! I meant a line with regular services. Not to sure if we'll get to Maitland in time for the XPT/XPL service.

I've booked my tickets for me and my grandfather on the Steamfest Flyer! However, it's a bit annoying that there isn't much in way of transport from Maitland at least to a main line. Surely they could ...

Why not fund the railway which will bring Pensioners, Family, Children and Disabled to the region rather than just hikers and bikers? Totally and utterly stupid. Not just from a fan's perspective but  ...

Now that I have a licence and some time on my hands, might have to make the trip up north to help out! (although the condition of the road going up the Bruce is a tad deterring..Rolling Eyes)

Now this is a time when I wished I hadn't moved from my house which was a 3min walk to Roseville station!

Amazing how quickly they got it cleared  Shocked
Would a rail incident be treated with the same expediency  Question
Being the bottle neck that it is to the cityrail network, it would have to be. Ot ...

Posted 29 Oct 2011 19:49 in Other Transport by 3801_95

just another knife in the coffin of the Gillard government

Posted 13 Jul 2011 17:13 in General by 3801_95

Maybe on your iPhone but on your iPad, i find it really easy. I guess it's something in the genes on the gen y's.

Posted 10 Jul 2011 12:11 in General by 3801_95

I forgot to add the camera. My film SLR does me well and I can get the photos put on a DVD.

I don't like to use the acutal navigation system as it is pretty crap but using the map on the iPad and  ...

Posted 10 Jul 2011 09:53 in General by 3801_95

Hello all

I've been having a holiday with my grandfather in port kembla and we've been chasing trains all over the place. Some may say that the best tool to have when doing this is a map but the be ...

I was at thirlmere today and saw 3642 in light steam if that is any info. Could someone post the time it leaves/depart thirlmere in the morning and evening?

Sorry. Failed to see thread below. Razz

Hey there. Just wondering if anyone knows when this train will depart/return to Thirlmere as I'm in the area and would like to take some pics.

how about knocking on 6029 from canberra for a return journey?

My memory might fail here but i'm pretty sure it's on loan from loftus

While i was down south, from QLD, i decided to head to the Adelaide tram museum. Taken from a film camera and scanned by Big W, the picture quality is lacking, but probably due to my bad photography s ...

Sorry for being so late and to any mods who think this is too old to resurrect   Embarassed

Instead of scanning them manually, i had Big W put my film onto CD. I'm surprised at the lack of quality but b ...

Flying Scotsman down under has  a part about WA.

also about a camera man falling off the footplate Razz

This video just made me laugh with glee. As i'm late teens i can only dream of driving the brilliant loco's, of which i can't wait to see another double header 38 soon. I'll stick to my C17's. Thanks  ...

In the summer holidays, i had the opportunity to head down south from QLD so i took my camera, 6 rolls of 24 exposures and my sony PAS (point and shoot (a very good one, i must add)) with about enough ...

I used to live in Roseville. Sounds like a big pain to get into Roseville from Chatswood by car due to Hill Street and Boundary intersection closure.

One would have to go up to the Pacific and go  ...

Posted 21 Jan 2011 17:56 in The Lounge by 3801_95

Marsh is now on standby to replace Hussey or any other player for the WC

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