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Running about 10-15mins late when they came into Rhodes for pick up

From my times iv got it looks like it will pass at 1304

Great video, with steamfest fast approaching does anyone have any information about 3830? Have they trailed her yet?

Key word.... "governemnt funded"Our tax is paying for all of this so we have the right to ask what is happening with 380, yet no reply.Does anyone know the where abouts of the boiler at this time? Has ...

Does anyone know where i can find activities for this route?I tried to create one but once i compute and save the activite it crashes and closes the editor.So now i have no activity when i run msts as ...

I think the Fireban is just for today, but from what i can tell 3642 is stabled at parkes until friday anyway?

Hi all.Iv been looking into this for a while,Anyway i have a app on my iphone which you can view videos and download them to a playlist so you can play them off line on the phone ( great for sitting o ...

Will there be another Newcastle Flyer or any Steam train movements on the Northern Line this year?I moved into my new home a week after the Newcastle Flyer Crying or Very sad

Is 5917 still at Eveleigh?How is it all going?

Does anyone know when they will be heading up to sydney?

Posted 29 May 2012 09:29 in MSTS General Discussions by 3801_fan

I am sorry if this has been asked before but regarding creating a activity for MSTS, is there any place where i can see instructions on how to create a activity properly?for Example:I am trying to run ...

Has she returned yet?

Thanks i will try that!

Does anyone know the timetable for tomorrow's Steam to surf?Does anyone also know the times it will be heading through each station.

@thefish- There had been a tree that blown down over the tracks at Mount Sinai.

Booked in and just waiting for the package in the mail:D

You guys must of got sick and tired of me annoying you all asking when the next corse would be.

I think it is a good idea posting the details as some people including myself wish to be in certain areas to film or take photos and this infomation helps us alot.

Im a sorry if this has been mention before, but does anyone know if or where can i get any queensland steam locos like DD17s tanks or BB18 1/4 or C17 class for MTS?

Posted 06 Oct 2008 19:36 in The Lounge by 3801_fan

Sorry for the first post i was in a major rush, if anyone Knows please let me know


Posted 06 Oct 2008 11:18 in The Lounge by 3801_fan

Hey did anyone go  to the Nrl grand fianl was alright

I no i ask this question before but i can driscribe what im going to ask better i need to find this out so please help me...but ...

Posted 02 Oct 2008 13:52 in MSTS Routes by 3801_fan

Hey all,

In advance sorry if someone has ask this question before,

but is there a route on train sim just of the Zig Zag Railway or is it just on the new Blue Mountains Route.


I think it is surpose to be a 10 cars, but im not 110% sure, i just notice that myself on the letter which came with the tickets....we will soon find out.

The tickets are printed like tickettek style ...

This is all Bull dust.........just the papers trying to make another story about nothing theres nothing to fear......

What is  MFS??

And what steam trains will be running at the Zig Zag?

will it be in steam in september when the NSWRTM runs a tour to the zig zag?

i hope so because i will be there.

The tour is on the 20th of september triple header up the mountains.


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