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Posted 24 Nov 2020 21:38 in Sydney Suburban by ANR

What exactly are they going to concrete in the 10 day T1 shutdown?

Are they going to put in concrete sleepers and/ or will slabs replace the timber floor?

I am not an engineer (breathe a sigh of ...

Posted 20 Nov 2020 23:50 in The Lounge by ANR

If they have evidence, they won't hand it over to the partisan lamestream media who will seek to discredit and bury it.

Best to let the courts resolve it. ...

Posted 19 Nov 2020 22:47 in The Lounge by ANR

Australia has done incredibly well to contain the Covid, and keep our rates of infection and death toll down.

Remember my earlier posts about setting up remote quarantine centres in Woomera, Forres ...

Posted 17 Nov 2020 22:29 in New South Wales by ANR

So they have had their LEDs for 7 years?

Obviously I haven't been paying attention.

I am not counting down the days for the CAF to arrive.

It is just that nothing has been forthcoming about t ...

Posted 17 Nov 2020 22:24 in The Lounge by ANR

The sun always shines on South Australia. It is why they have solar farms.

Posted 17 Nov 2020 07:09 in The Lounge by ANR

They WILL get angrier, because they will become even hungrier.

Posted 13 Nov 2020 21:58 in New South Wales by ANR

Any news on when the CAF will hit our shores?

There has been very little about this project cited in the press since the train was selected to replace the XPT.

Never mind.

I had a brief glimp ...

Posted 13 Nov 2020 21:47 in The Lounge by ANR

Somebody call the X-Files.

Was the "smoking man" in attendance as well?

Posted 08 Nov 2020 08:47 in The Lounge by ANR

Welcome to Harris town (more like it)....

Posted 07 Nov 2020 20:46 in The Lounge by ANR

Trump town is still alive and will not go away.

Should the Kamala administration get up, it will cause a kind of division in the US that would pale in comparison to what Trump is alleged to have ca ...

Posted 04 Nov 2020 20:37 in The Lounge by ANR

I haven't kept track of events today.

Is George W Bush winning?

Posted 01 Nov 2020 22:32 in The Lounge by ANR

Time to take this thread out of the sewer.

According to some of the media in the USA, we are the world's newest hermit nation, finding a silver lining in our ISO.

I think we now need to develop  ...

Posted 28 Oct 2020 21:12 in The Lounge by ANR

I agree with Billy. Looking at Trump, you would never know he recently had Covid. He's a picture of health, back to his orange self.

Biden on the other hand looks tired.

Posted 28 Oct 2020 16:55 in The Lounge by ANR

The Cartier watch value was upgraded from $12k to $20k overnight. I am wondering what it will climb to by tomorrow night....

Posted 23 Oct 2020 06:58 in The Lounge by ANR

I know this is an old thread, but so is Covid 19.

Camaro it is in 2022!!!

It will be a great racing series:  ...

Posted 22 Oct 2020 10:58 in The Lounge by ANR

[quote=mejhammers1][quote][quote][quote][quote][quote][quote]I still can't get over the fact that Trump continually stands up and lies through his teeth, and people fall for it. His latest effort is t ...

Posted 13 Oct 2020 23:43 in The Lounge by ANR

Survives no confidence motion.

Posted 13 Oct 2020 21:35 in The Lounge by ANR

It looks like SuperTrump is cured of the Chyna corono virus. Just held a rally in Florida.

If he survived this, I think he is totally unassailable now.

Attempted impeachment, stormy scandals, te ...

Posted 06 Oct 2020 23:03 in The Lounge by ANR

Trump's problem is no different to that of any other federated nation e.g.  Australia. You have the feds wanting the place to keep running and remain open for business and the leftist state based elem ...

Posted 06 Oct 2020 19:41 in The Lounge by ANR

Trump is a fighter. It will take more than lamestream media, a Chinese flu or a Nancy Pelosi orchestrated impeachment trial to put him out of business.

4 more years....

Posted 02 Oct 2020 18:28 in The Lounge by ANR

Nancy will be putting on her makeup now. Hope she wears a big mask.

... What if Pence has it too?

Posted 02 Oct 2020 17:42 in The Lounge by ANR

It's a conspiracy.

Posted 25 Sep 2020 23:20 in The Lounge by ANR

Apart from walking into a second term, Trump may push for a further 4 more years in 2024 and be a President 4 Life, changing the constitution in the process. Why not borrow from the Putin and Xi playb ...

Posted 13 Sep 2020 23:03 in The Lounge by ANR

Printing more money and using monetary policy is not going to get anyone out of recession and it certainly did not end the depression is the 1930s. The government needs to become an employer of its pe ...

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