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Noticed these are available in Toyworld Greensbough store

Love how its thought brass and white metal kits are a thing of the past and take extra skills to assemble . Just goes to show what skills are being lost in the hobby So many skills are being lost to t ...

So i guess everyone complaining about the issues of the BGM  kits have contacted BGM with the issues they are having before posting to the forums?

Will check what artwork as may have them already drawn up if not we can make them

Red steel S cars or wooden body cars and what car codes would help greatly

Red steel S cars or wooden body cars and what car codes would help greatly

Thing tgey were just coupling up for some shunting and hump duties

Working now

Been a while since we have been on RP With the cancelation of the Diamond Creek exhibition our next show will be the Kyenton cottage industry show later in the year if all goes well fingers crossed on ...

The only way to get the Art deco font for the SOP  is to draw up every individual letter yourself There is no commercial or downloadable font available as it was designed by the Victorian Railways int ...

WTB Austrains 3rd series X class box with foam inner and lid also 8 pin boards from First run Auscision A or B class locos

Bills Billboards decals / Lyndons trains will be there this year

There was a number of VR TT wagons grain hoppers etc on Ebay a couple of years back aswell that were listed as ex show grounds models

Merri and Rushall keep in mind there is a big ditch with a creek running through it , Yes both close but both needed

Fawkner is a good location making travel for elderly to the cemetry

[quote=TheMeddlingMonk]Have an Auscision Models B65 in Auscision livery to sell.

Bought this some years ago second-hand. Part of the grill had begun to lift, as was common for the Bs at the time. T ...

A good way to ensure a few minds are focused would be for the truck and load to be confiscated, then either publicly destroyed or put up for auction.
Good idea just like h ...


Well I'm quite interested to get my GM in SSR livery, and I hope that other model manufacturers do other SSR locos. I wonder who will be the first to do a S or a C.


Why  ...

The Easter show in Melbourne went exceptionaly well , With a mostly Australian content and the show to be even bigger next year you will find it very hard to get exhibits / traders from Victoria . Wou ...

The show will be on next year even bigger , have already reserved my site location Wink

Would anyone have photos or numbers of the 10 yellow G wagons (ex GY) with the SEC logo on them , think these were around the early 80's

Thanks Bill

Keep in mind there is now another big exhibition in Melbourne over the Easter long weekend that will draw a lot of Australian content

The group running it do a great job and have a large following a ...

Has anyone seen an exhibitor list for the show?

Edit: Found the Facebook page for the show via the SDS website:


Floor plan h ...

looking fox boxes with inserts  to suit the following

Lima 8300 gaurds vans X2

Auscision single E cars X4

Auscision Vic L class

Sunday they had the market day traders area and Remote control air craft and races on the main straight and at 4.45 an announcement was made Exhibition is closing in 15 minutes please finalize all pur ...

Think all major rural highway crossings should be grade seperated that have a road speed greater than 80kph plus speed limit in place

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