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Posted 08 Apr 2014 16:29 in News by Blinkey

Yes well, can you beleive this guy? Promised rail revival before the last election and now he come out and says it won't happen. Go and shake hands with good old Terry but make sure you get you five f ...

[quote=Grosso]Those who are saying the station was over priced have no idea. The station cost $1.2 million to the tax payer. We missed this job to one of our competitors (no names) as they had no work ...

[quote=Nightfire]That may be all very well what the transport minister said about planning for the proposed service, but he never said that he was going to deliver the project, only plan and assess th ...

[quote=Nightfire]The current transport minister promised a study ! and he followed through on the promis.

The RRA has a very valid point that the study outcome was a joke and designed to fail, but ...

[quote=bevans]I tend to agree there is momentum how ever I don't think the top dogs in the Vic Labor Party get it. You don't have to look very far back to remember the Kosky mess where the party effec ...

[quote=bevans]Thanks for sharing the video. You have to hand it to the Rail Revival Alliance. They have managed to sucessfully place Talbot back onto the rail map which is good. Let's keep an eye on t ...

Posted 25 Jun 2013 17:40 in Victoria by Blinkey

1600 down Marybotough today 25th June 58 passengers leaving Ballarat

Posted 24 Jun 2013 12:45 in Victoria by Blinkey

43 passengers arriving into Ballarat on the 0731 up this morning

Posted 22 Jun 2013 16:40 in Victoria by Blinkey

I don't think so.
There are new  velocities coming which may mean some sprinters become available

Posted 22 Jun 2013 16:39 in Victoria by Blinkey

Just though I better check in  and let the forum know that there have been busses on the Maryborough line for a couple weeks.  I travelled on day and there was less than than 20 coming into Ballarat.  ...

Posted 14 Jun 2013 19:39 in Victoria by Blinkey

that is yet to be seen

Posted 14 Jun 2013 11:56 in Victoria by Blinkey

[quote=dean65]That line badly needs more services so people can make day trips arriving in the morning and leaving at night. With what we have now visitors are forced to spend the night and the next t ...

[quote=Bogong]I have a question about the Big Hill tunnel. The report says it isn't wide enough for dual tracks (although it had dual tracks for almost 150 years). So the appendices show a route for a ...

[quote=bevans]I was told over $150m was taken up imn project management fees for Victrack. That project was way way inflated in terms of price and this was coming from people who were working on the ...

[quote=Bogong]Good point Blinkey, but how much did it cost to extend the suburban service by just one station to South Morang? Am I right in remembering it was a mind boggling sum of around $500,000,0 ...

It is interesting that the costs quoted to redo this section of track is nearly twice as high as the accepted industry stabdard for building a completely new new line which includes land acquisition e ...

Posted 05 Jun 2013 07:03 in Victoria by Blinkey

They are solid numbers.  How do they compare to the ararat service?
It is interesting that in the Rail Revival Study, the average number of passengers per trip was quoted at 26.


Posted 04 Jun 2013 14:38 in Victoria by Blinkey

You're doing a good job Blinkey...clearly sufficient numbers to justify the service.


The Vinelander

Thanks Mike but I really would like to try and  get a real handle on the actu ...

Posted 03 Jun 2013 22:36 in Victoria by Blinkey

Passenger numbers Monday 3 June

0731 up 52 passengers arriving in Ballarat

Did not catch the Ballarat  to Maryborough down this evening so i don't know the numbers

Posted 31 May 2013 01:09 in Victoria by Blinkey

Maryborough numbers for Thursday 30th May

Up arriving in Ballarat - 41

Down leaving Ballarat - 46

Posted 09 May 2013 13:46 in Victoria by Blinkey

Blinkey, I'm not sure if you know, but you can edit (and even delete) your own posts once you have posted a post....just look for edit under your own posts Thanks Bear
T ...

Posted 09 May 2013 11:35 in Victoria by Blinkey

[quote=Blinkey]Maryborough numbers Wed 8/5/2013

1031 up... passengers arriving Ballarat 43

1600 down ...passengers leaving Ballarat 44

I noticed that they have gone a long way in dismantling ...

Posted 09 May 2013 11:34 in Victoria by Blinkey

[quote=Blinkey]My use varies a bit but usually once per week but quite often of a weekend as well.

That regular makes it very hard for me to understand the average of 11 passengers. Not once has ther ...

Posted 04 May 2013 15:48 in Victoria by Blinkey

[quote=don_dunstan]Davis's has eleven return buses a day from Ballarat to Creswick; that might explain the variation. The buses might be a better morning option for many who commute.

Sounds like y ...

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