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Posted 26 Jun 2015 18:36 in Sightings by BlueGoldEra

Spotted T387 today in unfamiliar territory. It was on the back of a truck heading east on the Sturt Hwy 50km east of Hay. Didn't have a chance to take a photo.

What time will it be going through Bendigo tomorrow.

[quote=Newcastle Express]BlueGoldEra, how did you take a wide shot, without distorting the picture?

Not related to his pictures, but [size=2]were (or is) N Class locos attached to N type cars, just ...

[quote=EFB5800]I always wondered why they had the blank windows there. The BRS cars had plain sheet metal and looked better. I guess the VR just used a standard body shell for the BN and BRN. The BRN ...

Posted 04 Jul 2012 20:16 in Railway Photography by BlueGoldEra

I have been going through my photos and uploaded some more pics to my flickr site.A62 at Stony Point 21 Aug 2005BL29 at Frankstone 21 Aug 2005A62 approaches Crib Point 27 Aug 2005C503, GM27, GM22 and  ...

While out and about on Saturday I notice these two encounters. Very spooky considering the difference in era's and railway systems. ...

It was pushed through to Broadmeadow by 1443 with GL106 and VL356.Thanks Chase.

I have created a flicker account. So now ill post pics.

Just noticed northbound CLF1,CLF3,X54 and CLF7 not moving just north of Wyong Station. The guys where checking wagons. It has also blocked some of Platform 1.Got some pics only i have no photo account ...

Marker lights for CLP's was discussed at Unfortunately I had pics of my CLP with fotopic. Looking at how I did install the LED's/Fibre then I would ...

Posted 08 Feb 2011 19:02 in Victoria by BlueGoldEra

That is very amusing, I was at Manang yesterday and was about to post some pictures as I have arrived back home on the Central Coast. The pics would of looked the same as yours Samtheman.

Posted 31 Dec 2010 17:41 in Victoria by BlueGoldEra

My question is that it seems to be showing a single amber light .

The signal was red. I was surprised to see a electronic signal on the line. I guess the train did not have permission to proceed pa ...

Posted 31 Dec 2010 16:02 in Victoria by BlueGoldEra

Notice some movement this morning at Manangatang. A P/N lead grainy loading up around 1000.

http://images ...

Was at Rosehill today volunteering for the Childrens Event. Great day for the kids and got the chance to see 3237 up close and talk to the drivers. Unfortunately I did not have my camera, A real shame ...

You have it around the wrong way. The Micro should be used in the Y class, smaller chip and speaker. For the S use the Loksound 3.5 with 8 pin plug. No micro in the name

I hope someone can help. I have a BGB VF van kit and would like to detail the underside a little. Can anyone provide a picture or diagram of the underside? I have not been able to find any yet.

I configured my Austrains CLP to have flashing ditch lights. To do this I had to have a separate LED for each light and allocate a separate decoder function to each. I then programmed the separate fun ...

I have a couple of pics of Bowen Creek as well. I'll post them in the next few days.

Must say it really impressed me. Would have to be my favourite at Newcastle over the weekend.

I'm planning on being there Saturday. Looking forward to another outing.

I hope the brake lever can be lifted. Would be no good to have the brake on while running.


Posted 21 Jul 2010 20:58 in Railway Photography by BlueGoldEra

A good place to get information on camera equipment would be It might shed some light on the lens you are after.

Posted 03 Jul 2010 21:50 in Railway Photography by BlueGoldEra

Latest shots from today at Wyee. XPT at 2:57 pm. Not the best as I was set up to capture trains going north. V set at 3:01 pm and RL306 with 8049 heading north at 3:08 pm. I had my six year old with m ...

Posted 18 Jun 2010 21:35 in Railway Photography by BlueGoldEra

Thanks ML2 for the advice. I took the photos in manual. Settings where;

Focal Length: 52 mm

F-Number: F/9

Exposure: 1/60

ISO: 500

Exposure Program: Manual

Exposure Compensation: 0

So I could  ...

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