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BH. Just reading this post (4 years later Cool).

Actually there is a link for many countries wagons here (attached).

GCU for European wagons.

Doesn't have them all as some internals and some  ...

Visited Gemco Compound Bellevue on Friday 23/10/2015 with a mate from the UK.

All 5 locos are still there in exactly the same positions (ZB2129 & RA212 bogieless).

The only difference from Sam's ...

Only just noticed this thread.

Getting accommodation at a hotel here in Perth for a night is also expensive and hard to find.

Even if the elderly passenger was willing to fly the short hop to  ...

If it is due to be scrapped, Sims' bid may have been too low.

Scrap locos in the UK  are usually sold for about $40k equivalent. All that copper and steel.

Because of the ex-BR rules, scrap te ...

Posted 14 Apr 2012 22:24 in Western Australia by ChrisDPom

Thanks 8888,

Will google map it and see what I can find.



Posted 14 Apr 2012 07:13 in Western Australia by ChrisDPom

Thanks guys.

Will let you know what I see.

By the way, is there a refuelling point around Albany or do they just meet a tanker?



Posted 13 Apr 2012 23:08 in New South Wales by ChrisDPom

Back on topic.

I still haven't finished checking my 5 days NSW country trip in early March due to work pressures.

However, I found Maitland was around 75%+ new locos so not the best for "herit ...

Glad to see the LZ's and DC locks pulled from QR's ARG operations here in WA are still working.

The DC loco sounds like it is doing as poorly over East as it did here. Not really a success in the  ...

Posted 13 Apr 2012 22:41 in Western Australia by ChrisDPom

I am working in the Albany area from this Sunday to next Friday  and an wondering what freight if any will be running in the area.

Any assistance from any locals in the know would be greatly appre ...

Survived the trip (including the rain in Sydney on Thursday).

Got home Thursday night (late) and straight back to work.

Will try and post my comments and photos over the next week.

Cheers to  ...

Thanks to Jim & Peter for their emails.I have booked accom for Yetholme on the night of the 3rd, Gunnedah for the 4th, Maitland 5th, 6th & 7th and then driving to Sydney for my last day on the ...

Just checked the BOM website and they say the weather should be clearing over the weekend.Just got to watch out for any flood cut roads from these downpours.Will bring my wet weather gear (lasts for d ...

Just a thought but you better check the weather and flood warnings as we are getting it by the bucket loads over here.Thanks OziBob,I have noticed the same.We had some rain here in Perth - about 15mm  ...

After finishing a project early and with a Public Holiday here on Monday, I have booked some cheap flights to Sydney and intend to spend most of 5 days in NSW.My last visit was in August 2010 and I h ...

Does anyone know where this Helga is now?I am over in NSW next week and never got a phot of this one (presume it will be stored until insurance finalised and then razor bladed).CheersChris

I bought the 150-500mm Sigma last year and love it (though it's nickname "Bigma" is very appropriate as it is not light!!).Auto-stabilised for hand shots really helps (though a tripod is more sensible ...

Posted 23 Nov 2011 10:40 in Western Australia by ChrisDPom

I left the then Hamersley Iron in 1993 - see not much has changed Rolling Eyes
Worse thing I found with the shifts (was living in Dampier) was their effect on your fishing!! 8)

Posted 22 Nov 2011 23:29 in Western Australia by ChrisDPom

Kwinana Yard: Vacant ground at the rear of the Yard (Corner Tomah Road & McDowell Street).

Plus Where Dundas Street goes under the Daddow Road overpass there is some scrub parking next to the l ...

Posted 26 Jan 2011 15:35 in Western Australia by ChrisDPom

They mainly drive 8)

Cars are a way of life in the country. It is bad enough being unable to drive in the city, it is a nightmare in the country.

Most people who take the Australind and bus do  ...

Posted 26 Jan 2011 02:09 in Western Australia by ChrisDPom

I worked the wheat bins in my Uni days. Back then, cockies generally had light duty trucks which were good for the run to the bin, but not for long runs (think "Bedford"). I know many now have heavi ...

I think I was lucky enough to be able to photograph the first Currambine station before being demolished (or in fact, before any construction work of railway line to Clarkson commenced).

But I won ...

Posted 26 Jan 2011 00:07 in Sydney Suburban by ChrisDPom

Nice one LS Clap
Another spot for me to try when back over gunzelling from Perth (still

defrosting from my December UK trip!).

I presume this is again a spot where there is a freight blacko ...

Posted 25 Jan 2011 23:55 in Western Australia by ChrisDPom

And Stage 1 of the business case will be the volume of traffic on buses running SW->Bunbury->Mandurah, and more particularly, express Bunbury <-> Mandurah.

DW in Devonport

Which is b ...

Just to add to the Fugly photo.

What happens when the slings lifting a new 100+ ton Fugly break when it is 5m up in the air?

Class 70 "Powerhaul ...

......the ugliest loco's I have seen.

I ought to show you a photo of a UK Freightliner Class 70 8)

I started reading this and was going to post back "don't" but was too late.

70s started off  ...

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