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North bound SCT through Cardiff at 15:00 today. 2 SCTs, fuel tender, 11 vans, 2 five packs with containers, 3 80' flats with a container in the middle of each, then 2 more vans.

There are some NHKFs at Varley's Carrington at the moment that have SSR logos applied, and are being fitted with new pick up shoes and equ ...

Posted 10 Apr 2017 09:19 in Locomotives and Rolling Stock by EFB5800

Hi all.

6041 and 6042 are sitting at Hexham at the moment. The CF repaints? Excellent effort by UGL , I must say. They've done a million dollar job. Paint is immaculate. Also , the wheels and tms are ...

Posted 24 Mar 2017 20:42 in Operators by EFB5800

Around 1985, with the end of brake van use, the 2 Z vans kept on the SG ballast train, and the hoppers were replaced. A new group of VHMF type wagons were put on SG. Guards vans weren't needed, but an ...

In the 80s they operated all the modern types to Vic, NVMF, JF, GF, FF, KF. All liveries and logos. No special markings. Don't remember seeing any friction bearings by then. It seemed that 99 percent  ...

Posted 27 Feb 2017 17:28 in Locomotives and Rolling Stock by EFB5800

ACCs are in the 6030s. Derr .

Posted 27 Feb 2017 17:02 in Locomotives and Rolling Stock by EFB5800

6040 is a new number range as the 6020s stop at 29. 30s appear to have been skipped, possibly to allow for the ACC group that would have been there if they weren't ACCs. That's just my guessing. Howev ...

Posted 27 Feb 2017 16:45 in Locomotives and Rolling Stock by EFB5800

Aurizon painted, but not yet decalled 6041 and 6042 at UGL Broadmeadow at the moment. The 3 PHs are all decalled and still waiting outside. CF4404 parked out the front. CF4412 in the shop for a while  ...

2MB9 arrived at Taree today at 19:00, departed at 19:38. SCT007 and 005, 1 fuel tender and 26 vans.

Posted 03 Feb 2017 13:10 in Locomotives and Rolling Stock by EFB5800

I'll go back through my photos when I'm back in town in a couple of days. I believe the 5000s are being done at Cardiff. 5007 was done there, then went out to work, then went to Varley's for attention ...

Posted 03 Feb 2017 12:07 in Locomotives and Rolling Stock by EFB5800

I should of said fabricated bogies. I was trying to give the impression it's a 6000 or equivalent model without saying it's any class in particular. The painting standard looks like a new one, not a r ...

Posted 02 Feb 2017 17:40 in Locomotives and Rolling Stock by EFB5800

Some interesting things at UGL Broadmeadow this morning. A couple of C44s with light bogies and wide radiators in ...

The test run to Barnawartha on 18/1/17 had a 20' CRONOS container at the opposite end of the flat wagon with tank.

[quote=7334]4BM9 at Mathews Lane, Picton on 26 January 2017. No crew car.

4BM9 followed the Canberra Explorer. Probably a bit closer than usual as being a public holiday there was no local endeav ...

PQKY 7006D. That's its original code and number. Looks to be a bit more of a temporary set up than the fuel tenders for the Perth run. No doubt there must be 3 or 4 of these for Melbourne to Brisbane  ...

The flat wagon, MU plugged into the locomotive, a cable and pipe attached to the centre sill that head up to the ta ...

Posted 23 Jan 2017 16:53 in Locomotives and Rolling Stock by EFB5800

Not sure if anyone's mentioned it yet, the lonesome container wagon on the first down was a fuel tender. The 40' box is probably just a ballast weight.

Posted 20 Jan 2017 12:06 in Locomotives and Rolling Stock by EFB5800

UGL001 is decalled as PH001 and currently still at UGL. Still has UGL in the number boxes. It's a PH class!

Posted 09 Jan 2017 09:53 in Operators by EFB5800

I think there was a possession of the west line at Barnawartha around that time to install points. That would stop it departing south perhaps?

Posted 02 Jan 2017 23:00 in Victoria by EFB5800

Around 80 wagons on the Qube. I counted the 40 CGSYs after I realised they were behind the others. Looking at my pics here - the WGSY/BYs stretch back to the top ...

Posted 02 Jan 2017 21:44 in Victoria by EFB5800

Over the last week there have been 2 PN sets of 2 BLs and 40 mostly VHGF type wagons, plus 1 Qube set of 2 RLs and 40 CGSYs cycling regularly on the Vic Northeast SG. Tonight's down Qube train had aro ...

Posted 30 Dec 2016 15:06 in Sightings by EFB5800

Thanks mate, I'll try my luck for at least a distant sighting as I've never managed to see it.

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