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Very interesting. I've just been to Ennis and I was told my family may have come from Kilrush.

I'm not sure where else to ask this question but did trams ever run through Soho or along Oxford Street in London? And if not why not?

I couldn't see team lines along Oxford Street on a map that I ...

Looking forward to it opening.

Now that the election is over will we actually see light rail in the Tweed or will it be another broken election promise?

I wish the government would actually try building a high speed line from Sydney to Canberra rather than just talking about high speed rail.

A good quiz Spletsie!

Has a premium section been included in these new trains?

I recall the tender document for the Oscars saying they had to be able to run through to Lithgow but when they were delivered they were too wide.

I was reading that Barrant will be a marked man in prison, he will need to be isolated and guards will have to be carefully picked that aren't tempted to deal with him themselves.

I'm sorry if the organisations involved in the conversions don't like questions but personally I was very excited about the conversion project hence I like to receive any updates.

If money is an i ...

Was it Anning who flew Business Class to Melbourne to attend an extremist rally using taxpayers money?

What are his chances of being reelected this year?

Where has it arrived at?

Are there any pictures of it?

I found Christchurch to be friendly and peaceful when I visited in 2017. Very sad hear of this happening.

Have any UK or European airlines or regulators grounded the 737 Max aircraft?


I notice that many lines have closed under G&Ws management. Is it just the interstate network that is left?

Posted 22 Feb 2019 18:41 in The Lounge by GeoffreyHansen

I thought you were going to say Manus Island.

Posted 22 Feb 2019 18:40 in The Lounge by GeoffreyHansen

I thought you were going to say Manus Island

A concern I have with centrist power is that services become more scant at a local level as the centrist power doesn't understand local needs.

Qui Bono? The developers wanting the railway land.

Is there any track sharing between the Heathrow Express and the London Underground?

Can they be dual mode diesel and electric?

Could the Hunter be served with Zwickau type traintrams that could through run into the Newcastle Light Rail?

Will the new sets be capable of running electrically off the overhead wires?

If so could Southern Highlands and Canberra services run via the airport line?

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