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Photo brought forward to new page...

Plus another clue: There is a bridge behind me as I take the photo.

There is an increasing number of Reality TV shows who don't pay their cast.
I be willing to bet Pooch Perfect would be one of those! Wink




Not Yeppoon (or anywhere on that line), Hendon/Allora or Inglewood/Texas.

Clue time!

It's probably in the Downs region...

It isn't.

[quote=Jack Le Lievre][quote]Are you using a phone or a laptop / desktop? I think it is different, i haven't worked out how to edit / delete on the phone (and presume you can't) and things like your r ...

Is it the Inglewood to Texas area?
Big J
It is not. So not Hendon/Allora or Inglewood/Texas.

Posted 22 Feb 2020 17:16 in Queensland by Graham4405

CKS's observation car is also being leased to Bellarine and is travelling South with 3620.

What is the origin of this car please? The only cars I have seen in the CKS yard were S ...

[quote=GrahamH]I had worked out it was 3'6".... It's probably in the Downs region... A closed line with intact track, so a WSITD, Photographer has Hendon behind and facing Allora where the line first ...

No bites, so a clue (these are going to be difficult on this one, too easily given away):

It is narrow gauge (1067mm).

Last night was very very interesting.  Lots of agendas and lots of action at the dinner.
It was so interesting that I didn't bother to check if it was on, let alone watch it!

Those truck drivers and owners are not going to appreciate the ban and may need to consider moving to rail.
It will be the customers moving, not the divers and owners!

In the interests of keeping things moving along...

Nothing has moved along here for some time!

Posted 18 Feb 2020 00:59 in The Lounge by Graham4405

[quote=Valvegear]Listening to yesterday's Fire Fight Australia concert for any more than three minutes would have driven me mad, but what a great effort; over $9 million raised according to the last r ...

[url=/user/33][b]@dthead[/b] Why move to "Other Transport"? Railway locomotives use ICEs.

Perhaps they will be repainted in 1Rail livery at Maryborough...

[quote=Gayspie]I have been thinking and i reckon that this Railpage outage notice, which has been popping up for years, is just a scam so the forum owners can milk money out of us in the name of donat ...

if Toyota dealerships start selling cats...
Unlikely??? Shocked

As someone who is starting to get into railway photography, what are some ideas on how to start cheaply (under $100)

Any ideas on cameras or photography techniques
Assuming that y ...

Saw a Commodore today with a sticker that says: "Powered by recycled dinosaurs". Laughing

Posted 12 Feb 2020 23:37 in The Lounge by Graham4405

1100 people have been reported in China to have died, I would suspect more than this die every year from farting in China.
Not to mention those who simply "disappear" when they ...

Does anyone actually watch that tripe?
Nobody with more than half a brain cell! Wink

Trains appear to have been running normally on the Western line today.

[quote=Aaron]It's already implemented, it's just not derived. Indeed there is already an arbitrary 'area' over which the linear measurement for rainfall is captured, mass and volume are trivial to der ...

Posted 10 Feb 2020 18:26 in Other Transport by Graham4405

Misleading thread title. From the article:

[quote=BBC]Despite travelling faster than the speed of sound the plane would not have broken the sonic barrier as it was helped along by fast-moving air.[/q ...

[quote=YM-Mundrabilla]There was an eminently forgettable doco about Metro and Flinders Street a few months ago, the highlight of which was some poor woman cleaning up a heap of vomit on a train. I thi ...

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