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Thank you to everyone who posted ideas or feedback. It was all quite positive and helpful.

Also, if you hear of anything else that you'd like to see in Railroad Australia 2 be sure to post it here. ...

[quote="x31"]The first series was quite good especially how the trains were taken from place to place and how the operation worked. It might be nice on this occasion to get some action from around qu ...

Thanks to everyone who posted.

Posted 27 Oct 2016 18:43 in General by Jordan@Prospero

[quote="menangletrains"]Having Worked with these Guys From RailRoad Australia recently, as well as doing a Documentry in Port Augusta for 3 days in October,2015. It is an Absolutely Great Experience t ...

Posted 25 Oct 2016 20:03 in General by Jordan@Prospero

Hi Bevans,

Thanks for getting back to me and sorry about the late reply.

I guess we're looking for people aged 16 - 26. And we're sticking to the real trains on real tracks.



Posted 07 Oct 2016 15:05 in General by Jordan@Prospero

Thanks everyone.

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