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Posted 16 Oct 2020 18:01 in Victoria by Lad_Porter

Too many questions !

Has the RRA done any kind of survey about how many would use the proposed service, including from intermediate stations?

Are they aiming at luxury tourist passengers, or loc ...

At the risk of being a bit obvious, I will Wend my way towards that big lake in Ballarat - and nearby station.

"All stations Preston, this is E-Class six-zero-zero-niner, two-zero miles north, inbound."

Maryvale?  (APM siding)

Moe ?

Then what about Wallan, for the climb up to Heathcote Junction?

Mangalore?  There was a bit of a hill there towards Avenel, bankers often used on that section.

Posted 17 Sep 2020 15:25 in NT by Lad_Porter

Didn't know about any gradual SG conversion.  Wasn't it an entirely new SG line, on a new alignment?

I got 50% in the quiz, not bad considering I know zilch about NT railways.

"..... possibly funded between three governments — being Victorian, South Australian, and federal," Mr Gandolfi said."

Would the SA Govt have any interest, given it would be happening most ...

Leslie ?

Lighten up.

The article you're quoting isn't from the ABC, its from an FM radio station, I don't think they were seriously suggesting the bridge had nefarious intentions.


Was ...

Granite ?

[quote=The Vinelander][quote][quote]The Department of Transport has clearly pointed out they have NO Intentions of restoring this former rail link (that's why they are progressively removing It) you c ...

Posted 28 Aug 2020 10:02 in Melbourne suburban by Lad_Porter

"Railway corridors are useful for things other than just rail infrastructure....."

At some points along Melbourne Metro lines, additional power cables are strung up high on the overhead stanchions ...

Posted 26 Aug 2020 17:25 in Melbourne suburban by Lad_Porter

Some of those conduits appear to be years old, decrepit, in some cases broken, with exposed cables and general appearance of neglect.  Are the ones like that still functional?

In the case of some m ...

Yering?  The Healesville line was closed, then reopened briefly to Yarra Glen as a tourist railway, then closed again.  Meanwhile, the other end of the line is in use by the YVTR at Healesville.  Earl ...

[quote=trainbrain][quote][quote]It would be interesting to see if there are stages where they employ both skyrail and tunnelling to reduce the need for excessively deep tunnel and steep grades. China' ...

Pinder was CEO of V/Line.  Could someone please explain the connection between V/Line and that "Skyrail boondoggle"?

Not Yarra Glen?  (Looks nervously over shoulder)


I'm thinking something not so obvious.  How about the old Mobilization Siding, near Seymour?  It was an Army facility

(Known locally as the Mob Siding......)

Lah ?  (As distinct from La La, of course).  Worth a LOL ( Lah..... out loud )

Depends on what "closed line" means:  closed to passenger traffic;  closed to all traffic but still there;  ripped up?

Continuing to think outside the box, with equal pessimism, I suggest Bylands ( ...

Well, that didn't last long - Diggora West is correct.  It was (for a while) a station on the Cohuna line.

Over to Faredodger.

¡ Muchas gracias, Señor(a?) JMarto15 !

Now, continuing with the "name" theme .....

[b]I am (was) a station on a closed line, but my name is similar to that of an open station on an operational ...

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