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Posted 20 Sep 2020 18:12 in The Lounge by Nightfire

[quote=bevans]Another issue for Dumpling Dan.

[quote]The opposition has slammed Premier Daniel Andrews for his ‘hypocrisy’ surrounding COVID-19 fines after anti-lockdown protesters were slappe ...

Posted 20 Sep 2020 17:53 in Victoria by Nightfire

[quote=route14]That's because the speed limit of Victoria's locomotive-hauled passenger trains is not much higher than that of freight trains. Some Freight Australia's N class have been regeared with ...

7100 metres? Or 7.1 metres? Why is that height an issue?
Sorry my error.

Posted 19 Sep 2020 18:41 in Victoria by Nightfire

[quote=speedemon08][quote][/quote]Which is slightly odd considering most passenger locomotives around the world (asides from Australia) are kinda specced to be geared towards use on passenger trains.


The section that needs to be electrified will be about five times the length of the existing electrified section in NSW which makes 25 kV AC justifiable.
They won't be electrifyi ...

[quote=Duncs][quote][quote]You'll need AC / DC bi-mode for electrification of this length, not the ordered DC / diesel bi-mode.[/quote]

The system on the new regional trains can be setup for AC and D ...

Posted 19 Sep 2020 17:27 in Victoria by Nightfire

I don't understand some peoples (and railway managements) obsession with locomotives and them being superior.   They aren't superior anymore.
Locomotives were only superior when ...

Posted 19 Sep 2020 15:56 in The Lounge by Nightfire

Just as well others that manage the joint know the difference between revenge and justice.
The public want both revenge and justice (the Government probably won ...

The federal government has little jurisdiction over the states. It may even have to create laws to do so in this case.


The Vinelander

Yes that what the Commonwealth Gove ...

This...among other things with the Belt and Road initiative is what Dan has in mind for Victoria,


The Vinelander

Well that's due to be scuttled by the Federal Government (Fede ...

Posted 19 Sep 2020 14:05 in The Lounge by Nightfire

Mr Andrews expained why. Better they tell the truth. It aint right, its how safety works.
That's all very good, through their Investigations should show up who breached the ru ...

Posted 18 Sep 2020 22:26 in The Lounge by Nightfire

[quote=YM-Mundrabilla]How is it that so many so called top administrators fronting the Quarantine Inquiry have such poor memories? So many seem to have no memory of or not recall vital activities and ...

[quote=Richard stroker]I disagree with your statement that gilmac wont have the same success as ultima if they use the last mile transport as road .

Other bigger operators succeed using road only[/ ...

[quote=Richard stroker]Nightfire, I respectfully disagree with your comments about Gilmore's potential to fail if they are they going to use trucks for the last mile transport.

There is a very succ ...

Posted 16 Sep 2020 20:48 in Victoria by Nightfire

[quote=NSWGR8022]By ordering the bare minimium of rolling stock for SG there is no scope at all to increase services unless they keep the current rolling stock on hand. I would like to see that older ...

Services for defence personnel or immigrants to Kapooka and/or RAAF Base Wagga, perhaps?
These trains probably weren't public services.

Should more focus on removing the many Steam age alignments and getting the Intercity train journey times down to equivalent to driving journey time along the Hume Freeway.

Posted 12 Sep 2020 18:18 in Victoria by Nightfire

[quote=x42]What is desperately needed is 2 extra staging roads at Maryborough and re activation of the fuel point. Running trains from Geelong to stage in Murtoa to Ouyen back to Murtoa to stage again ...

[quote=bevans]Well I guess in that case we will see little growth in rail volumes sadly. Although the approach from Qube and SCT proves that theory wrong. I do agree rail is not considered by these c ...

Posted 12 Sep 2020 14:40 in Other Transport by Nightfire

I bought a few dirt cheap $99 Red Eye flights from Perth to Melbourne In the last couple of years (the others were charging deep Into the $200's)

[quote=bevans]The cheapest way for rail to operate and the better way for the environment is to have the produced loaded at the customer site avoiding the need to truck to the rail terminal. Is this ...

[quote=kitchgp]No one is going to pay for 15 - 20 km of new track south of the volcano. Using the Wolseley line, with reversing, is probably still possible but that would be prohibitively expensive as ...

It'll be ages before online voting is robust or secure enough.

There will always be people that can't or won't use online.
They always Insist that voting be In physical paper fo ...

Posted 07 Sep 2020 17:14 in The Lounge by Nightfire

[quote=lsrailfan]I must ask a question, why does everyone refer to Dan Andrews as "Dictator Dan, or Comrade Dan, Chairman Dan etc etc..", I know this nickname has been ascribed to him long before the ...

I know that it isn’t accessible at the Dry Creek end, but is there still a broad gauge rail on any of the line from Dry Creek to Pelican Point?
Yes this Is dual gauge, b ...
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