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Posted 26 Dec 2018 15:57 in The Lounge by ParkesHub

Posted 25 Dec 2018 18:12 in The Lounge by ParkesHub

Posted 24 Dec 2018 16:15 in The Lounge by ParkesHub

One year on and what’s the take away message here …

If you want stuff done ... vote LABOR.

If you want things stuffed up ... vote LIBERAL.

If you want stuffing with your turkey . ...

Posted 23 Dec 2018 17:23 in The Lounge by ParkesHub

[quote=Aaron]The reason you’ll find no hardcore projects and programming examples for arduino is because no one in industry uses arduino.

Any decent firmware coder won’t be working on a project ...

Posted 23 Dec 2018 16:24 in South Australia by ParkesHub

[quote=The Vinelander]I stand by my earlier comments. Moreover, when SA's population was WAY less than it is now, it hosted MANY regional rail services to places as diverse as:

[b]Victor Harbor[/b] ...

Posted 23 Dec 2018 09:24 in The Lounge by ParkesHub

Everley Brothers - SloMo & Potato - Buy Buy Votes

Buy buy votes

Buy buy allegiances

Hello deficit

I think I'm gonna cry

Buy buy votes

Buy buy sweet largesse

Moral emptiness

I feel lik ...

[quote=ANR]Was RedStar the contractor that went bust?[/quote][color=#000000][size=2][font=Roboto, wf_SegoeUI, "Segoe UI", Segoe, "Segoe WP", Tahoma, Verdana, Arial, sans-serif]Yep. Pretty sure it was ...

Posted 23 Dec 2018 08:32 in The Lounge by ParkesHub

[quote=kitchgp]It depends on what type of device you’re building. How reliable does it have to be? Will it run continuously for long periods? Presumably it doesn’t have much memory, so things like ...

Posted 23 Dec 2018 08:26 in The Lounge by ParkesHub

[quote=Aaron]You’re looking for a designer? Who’s going to actually build it, this is not the sort of thing I would be having built by someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing.

What does ...

Posted 22 Dec 2018 17:30 in South Australia by ParkesHub

[quote=don_dunstan]Victoria is the most reliant out of all the states on stamp duty, collecting a shade over six billion from it last financial year. So far this year the number of settled sales is do ...

Posted 22 Dec 2018 17:21 in South Australia by ParkesHub

[quote=Aaron]Don is likely going to be correct.

Victoria will struggle, a decline in property values will have more impact in Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast and Perth moreso than Adelaide and other ...

I was in Brisbane Thursday/Friday cutting over 2 sites from Aurizon to Linfox. One of the Aurizon blokes was telling me that their local contractor who delivers containers from Aurizon customers (Metc ...

Posted 21 Dec 2018 17:49 in The Lounge by ParkesHub

[quote=apw5910][quote]A 3600w power amplifier probably using power MOSFETs. Audio frequency range. Power supply will be 48VDC.[/quote]Pulling at least 75 amps at max volume. Make sure your power cable ...

Posted 21 Dec 2018 13:16 in The Lounge by ParkesHub

[quote=woodford][quote]Is there anyone here on RP who is an experienced designer in linear and power design? I have a project unrelated to trains, etc.[/quote]I did not see this, do not look at the lo ...

Posted 21 Dec 2018 07:59 in The Lounge by ParkesHub

[quote=dthead]I'm still a beginner at C++ and do dabble in Arduinos too.

Actually a Vicual C++ subject as part of a tafe course was very useful for the arduino stuff as well.

What arre you tryi ...

Posted 21 Dec 2018 07:56 in The Lounge by ParkesHub

Is the Arduino Software (IDE) on Linux?
I'm just using the Arduino application that runs on my Win 10 box.

Posted 21 Dec 2018 07:54 in The Lounge by ParkesHub

[quote=BrentonGolding][quote](Do something about the ridiculous no caps title. How else to write C++?)[/quote]Agree, tried to post in the S312 thread the other day on my mobile and no, sorry, can't po ...

Posted 20 Dec 2018 18:18 in The Lounge by ParkesHub

OK.  No takers on the electronic design stuff. I'll do it myself.

Next: Are there any great C++ people at Railpage? Especially with Arduino experience.

(Do something about the ridiculous no ca ...

Posted 20 Dec 2018 16:54 in South Australia by ParkesHub

"I'm cuttin' but you ain't bleedin'! " Foghorn Leghorn

What amazes me is the staggering hyprocracy. Beetrooter Joyce must be mentoring him.

Posted 19 Dec 2018 08:53 in Victoria by ParkesHub

Yeah, new mattock is the way to go if possible. Bulkers can be problematic with fine material.

Posted 18 Dec 2018 18:32 in Victoria by ParkesHub

[quote=BrentonGolding][quote][quote]I cant imagine Cement arriving as 1000's of bags inside Containers though. A Cement train (but from where?) once a week direct to the plant would make more sense.[/ ...

Posted 18 Dec 2018 15:55 in Victoria by ParkesHub

[quote=mikesyd][quote][quote]Have to wonder what they are up to then, as I can't imagine traffic of any volume originating from Benalla.

As to 'cement', I gather that refers to the Tunnel Segment w ...

Posted 17 Dec 2018 19:18 in Operators by ParkesHub

[quote=bevans][quote]And just to keep everyone happy, looks like a 1MP9 extra is approaching Adelaide in the early hours of Monday morning.[/quote]

It is great to see how that business has grown desp ...

If the allegations are true, he's an idiotic risk-taking hypocrite with an over-inflated ego.  A stupid man.  Shame on him.

Well, he's resigned from his Ministry and it's been r ...
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