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Posted 09 May 2016 20:32 in South Australia by SARRX207

Hi guys with looking at these posts i work as a passenger attedndant and also work in the depot at steamranger and therefore know whats going on with this diesel in WA. SteamRanger does not have the f ...

Hi guys went in to orient express model train shop today and no they are not doing steel cars as i know the owner and he said its not happening they havent got plans to do any i have heard trainorama  ...

[quote=Klink]For Sale

HO/OO scale:

Austrains DL class with green roof lightly weathered, DCC fitted with a Lenz chip, $270 ONO with original box

3x Roundhouse coaches (good match for SAR centen ...

For sale - SAR BGB 600 steel car RTR


pick up only

Adelaide,South Australia

Hi guys heard some one on facebook is making bluebirds and doing them better than BGB i think there will be 250,280 and 100class blueys as well there is a 620 body kit coming

Posted 02 Sep 2015 13:02 in South Australia by SARRX207

do any of you guys have problems with grafiti because its so annoying

Hi anybody interested in buying a SAR brill railcar 60 as preserved to steamranger's brill 60 it has a wooden structure with a few brass detail parts it ho scale with a tenshodo spud and dc only I'm a ...

Hi all, anyone known of SAR f class steam loco available for sale ? kit or built !

For sale Brill railcar follow the link [url=] there is pictures here im asking for $450 as built RTR wooden structure and a few b ...

I wouldn't mind seeing a SAR ho scale 620 class steam loco like 621 duke of edinburgh which still operates at steamranger heritage railway

With respect, Steamrangers own website suggests 520 requires an expensive rebuild.

Hi there as I'm a volunteer with steamranger and hear a lot of things about our locos that  ...

no 207's boiler is not holding anything up on 224 she is just a slow process of slowly rebuilding her back to her glory

Hi all wanted a ho scale f class or RX sclass

hi locomotive driver I have got one yesterday and when I was cutting the skirts on the bottom of the 520 where the wheels go I have accidently made two cuts that go up to the cab will this matter if I ...

[quote=David Peters]Just be aware that there was a brass RX ready to run done years back and while they do run alright as bought they can be made better by rebuilding them. There was an article in the ...

hi does anybody have or would sell their rx or fclass

[quote=mac042]Bit of an update on this kit.

Seen the running prototype tonight and it impressed all who seen it.

Had no problems hauling 6 centenary cars up slight grades.

Have a few photo's as wel ...

Hi all as I work for steamranger as a volunteer I have heard rumors that they wont get it done next year as it is a big task and then they will be fixing rx 207 as she has a crack in her boiler plate  ...

Search found 18 matches

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