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There’s a couple of angles to this:

1. Maximum profit for state government at privatisation was achieved by ‘managing’ the competitive situation in order to increase certainty about volumes t ...

“does it still exist?”

“Scrapped a couple of years ago” would still have been 3 years after sharks posted.

This is quite an old thread - a lot can change.

Just microchip everybody

To expand a little, lest people characterise me as an old naysayer.

Personal view is that bulk fuel should be put back on rail. Bevan Wall posted a video on RP just recently of a Canberra fuel trai ...

I hear you, 8077.

I drive in USA quite a bit and, despite trucking being a huge business there, the B-double concept isn’t used.

For me, B-double was an amazing invention for quantum uplift in ...

If you’re training commercial pilots, an active control tower would be an important feature. Mackay has this, Bendigo doesn’t.

As for cloudy conditions, instrument flight is standard at a very  ...

We have had instances of people going under articulated buses in Sydney while the bus was turning.

So a large moving public transport vehicle can be difficult for (stupid) Sydney people to avoid if ...

I wonder whether the regulators will limit the speed in George Street to 6km/hr, and insist that a person in a high-viz should walk ahead of the tram ringing a bell.

Stevenson would be proud.

I am amazed that ESCOSA apparently waved through a deal under which access charges don’t need to be published.

For a new operator aiming to run on GWA track, the access charge may as well be “w ...

As “on request” and set-down-only (up direction, pick up only for down trains), it may work.

Problem is the more stops the train makes, the less competitive with car travel. There is already th ...

Interesting discussion, particularly in light of regular exhortations elsewhere on RP for government to take the initiative in creating employment in regional cities, as well as creating backhaul for  ...

But we like you as Heath Loxton, Heath. Smile

I’m struggling to understand where it would go. National Rail Museum occupies the old Port Dock station and is still linked to the main line.

Move NRM? Resume property? Use the street? Either way ...

Can’t see why ARTC would be interested in an isolated BG set-up.

ARTC’s business is SG, interstate, high volume trackage.

You could probably buy it using your MasterCard, bevans. Laughing

Amazing viaducts in that plan.

Good point, Firefox.

I had (mistakenly) assumed that ‘down’ numbers would match ‘up’. And ignored the CA— traffic that is wholly on ST tracks.

My bad.

Looking at John Holland’s working timetable, there isn’t that much PN traffic on the main west. Weekdays;

-YN2 (mon, wed)

8122 ex Bathurst (mon,thu)

8932 ex Parkes (tue, thu)

8138 ex Manildr ...

A couple of observations:

Cooks River container terminal is only a couple of km from Botany. Enfield a little further. Both linked to port by dedicated freight lines (the end bit into Botany in pro ...

A case in point, seen today on a building site in Sydney.

The work being done - remove soil from site, and place in a skip.

The equipment in use - a machine on crawler track that carries a wheel ...

Very similar comparison to Mudgee - Dubbo. 8000 + 40,000 people, separated by about 130km, and lacking a rail connection.

Time for us Mudgee folks to resurrect their wishlist?

It would need to  ...

Issues (not specific to Victoria, by the way)

Cost of labour - huge money paid on building sites for manual workers.

Cost of non-jobs - an entire industry has been created of lollipop-wielding b ...

Posted 10 Jun 2019 07:15 in The Lounge by SinickleBird

Fair call, SAR520SMBH - unfortunately, Kyrgios and Tomic get all the publicity.

Posted 09 Jun 2019 18:51 in The Lounge by SinickleBird

She’s an absolute star - humble (unlike the Australian men tennis players), hard-working, talented, and doesn’t play the race card.

She makes me proud to be an aboriginal.

So it isn’t just projects in NSW that suffer cost overrun issues, then. Laughing

Good to know that the ACT Greens oppose waste-to-energy, along with almost everything else.

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