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Posted 19 Oct 2019 16:55 in The Lounge by SinickleBird

Everyone is looking for a simple answer - something you can grab, like a three-word slogan - “jobs & growth”, “how dare you?”

Imagine a world where the conditions varied according to CO2, o ...

CRRC is the company that built the Waratah trains for NSW.

Do we need to commission background checks on the Mods here? Can’t have Chinese influence what gets posted on RP, now can we.Laughing

Personal view is that there should be 2-3 fast expresses daily to Lithgow (Parramatta, Penrith, Katoomba, Lithgow), including the Dubbo XPT, to which the various regional bus routes connect. An all st ...

Correct. I think Singapore uses time-of-day pricing too.

Nonetheless, Sydney PT is already full in peak times. By all accounts, Melbourne too. Still need investment, not just tax.

Difference is, of course, that London already had an amazing Tube system and bus system to pick up the volume of people taken out of their cars.

IIRC, buses Tube and the congestion tax all resided  ...

Not a good day to glue yourself to the street. Tomorrow will be weekend, and the police might leave people glued in place until Monday morning.

Worst bit is when the media resort to emotive “catastrophic conditions “ language on particularly high-risk days.

That stuff gets the loonies with matches very excited.

Just report that it€ ...

Interesting how there is no sign of the car that was involved in the incident. From the tweet, it would seem that the tram just decided to “go its own way”.

I had to read until the last paragra ...

Funnily enough, I know people who commute from Mornington to city by helicopter. Probably an indication of the wealth of (some) residents.

Or does this comment belong in the climate change thread?

We do see them in Sydney. But rail is underground, so they don’t create this problem in CBD.

And they regularly hit the tunnel roof in harbour and M5 tunnels, even with fines of several thousands ...

A couple of observations.

US is a huge market (330m people) - Georgia alone is 10m, but rail freight tends to cross state boundaries, as well as railroad company boundaries. So a short-haul railroa ...

We had Mike Cannon-Brookes in NY, posturing. He will power all of Asia from a solar farm in the NT, using a 3,000km undersea cable.

Problem solved.

He must be a better engineer than the people w ...



Anytrip is linked to Transport NSW assets (tracks plus trains on others’ tracks - eg ARTC in southern highlands).

A psychedelic Harbour Bridge!

Brilliant. Great to see lines west of Toowoomba getting some love.

Has this work been ‘under the radar’, as in without the loud announcements from the politicians, or have I just not been payin ...

Posted 21 Sep 2019 21:41 in The Lounge by SinickleBird

Clearly a nerve struck here.

The point I was attempting to make (unsuccessfully, it seems) was that we might be able to bring people along with some relatively painless lifestyle changes to help wi ...

Posted 21 Sep 2019 17:05 in The Lounge by SinickleBird

Much of the climate change emergency is designed to try and convince politicians to change society in a way that ‘preserves my lifestyle, while making others pay’. Yet small changes made by large  ...

That countryside is usually beautiful green - shame about the drought. I too am glad they blocked it - this is the area where comrade Obeid stood to make a shipload of money from his “farm”.

In ...

Posted 21 Sep 2019 12:41 in The Lounge by SinickleBird

“The Science is Settled” - another way of saying “how dare you disagree with my opinion!”

I had an interesting discussion with my brother during the week. He is actually a (real) scientist. ...

Kepco = Korean Electric Power COmpany -they don’t own power stations in this country.

The Sandy Hollow-Ulan line is (a) operational and (b) directly connected to port of Newcastle and (c) runs al ...

Traffic for the Mudgee line? Highly unlikely.

Service? Pretty quick if you ask me

Always looking for ways to help out b-double operations.

Yes - that’s the essence of michaelgm’s post.

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