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Pendle Hill it is.

Anagram of “Pell held in” (holy hell means confusion).

Pell held in holy hell.


Seven Hills?



The clue instruct you to look in here:

... nothinG OR DO Nothing

to see    G OR DO N.

Not Mortdale. You are all looking in the wrong place.

Not Mulgrave.

Not Blacktown.

Look in here to see nothing or do nothing.

I say we declare open floor.


Open floor.

Ignore my post, I thought no one had posted a clue!

Level playing?

It’s two minutes slower than the record.

Open floor.

Ta, Scott!

Not the answer I had, but it fits, so over to you!

The clue was a tribute to Ted Mack and my answer was North Sydney.



That’s the ticket! Over to you.

The type of tickets they used to use for a place to leave your car?

Gymea, anagram of my age?

Como it is.

Decapitate the Prime Minister!

Open floor.

If no one has posted a clue in the next day or so, I will post another stinker.

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