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NR, an N Scale R Class then.  Sounds okay.

There's pictures around of 42 and 48 Class D/Es shunting coal stages.

Enfield was shunted by whatever was around too.  I've seen pictures of 30 tank, 30T, 32 and Standard Goods on the trestle, push ...

It used to be painted a pale yellow colour, almost cream, with black lettering.

[quote=DJPeters][quote][quote][quote]Comprehensive project update on Auscision's Facebook page


Even the T ...

[quote=Spinner5711][quote]Not in my area of knowledge.

But this image ( above) of 3009 is one of the best presented locos I have ever seen.

It looks like a loco in service to me and with a ligh ...

Posted 20 Apr 2019 18:08 in International Discussion by Spinner5711

[quote=Groover][quote][quote]UP inspected other locos and determinded 4014 to be in the most suitable condition for reactivation. The museum was prepared to exchange it for some replacement items.[/qu ...

[quote=apw5910][quote][quote]Can’t say I’m a fan of 3801 in the “undercoat” livery.[/quote]I've often thought "What were they thinking?" 38's should be green, that's it.[/quote]They were proba ...

Looking through some photographs, the position can be summarized:

4201 did not get the oval coat of arms on its sides.  Pictures taken in 1974, 1978 and 1979 show no coat of arms on either side.


[quote=SydneyCider]86 class electric locomotive list (7 preserved)



- Delivered:

- Into Service: August 1985

- Withdrawn: 07 September 2002 (SETS Farewell tour)

- Status: Stored, NO ...

Solved ! It was LVR 5917, with a swapped tender.
Yep, the Commonwealth Turret tender 'borrowed' from 5367.

[quote=Graham4405]A question asked by my 14yo grandson: What are the "things" on the carriage roofs?

My answer was "air vents" but I'm not convinced that I'm right. If so why are so many required?[/q ...

[quote=Captainchoochoo61]Not in my area of knowledge.

But this image ( above) of 3009 is one of the best presented locos I have ever seen.

It looks like a loco in service to me and with a light ...

I know this is a very old thread...

It was possible for 57's to go north, under special conditions.  Circa 1953/54, three of them were overhauled at Cardiff Workshops, as were two 58's.  This occur ...

Sorry to have to correct you Peter but the powerglide is a 2 speed auto . The 3 speed is a trimatic .
And also rather unfortunately the EK was released with the Hydramatic Transmis ...

If you read the latest report, it says the bearings are to be replaced now while the loco is still in bits, to save doing it in two or so years time.  The bearings were looked at a few years ago and a ...

That's because 4-15 are terminal roads and you have to 'C' the buffers so you don't hit them, and because 16-23 are through roads taking you closer to the 'c' in the harbour.

Casula Hobbies will have them in stock next week.

[quote=robertc]Hi David, I am sure that many things are wrong with my locos but they are home made, not the product of Asian craftsmen.

Although in this instance I had good help for the front of the ...

[quote=patsstuffnow]Not nit picking at you David, but a quick google of NSW 42 class loco on the second line had several hundred images of NSW locos and the 42 class had several sizes, colours and pl ...

Further reply...

When the new Hawkesbury River bridge was tested, six 38s were used.

3801 in grey.

3802 in grey.

3803 in grey.

3804 in grey.

3805 in green.

3807 in green.

Perhaps at  ...

Awful thread mining.



Black sided smokebox.  14 December 1945 as released into traffic.

[quote=Valvegear][quote]Something funny going on according to Slatterys website 6029 is still up for tender ![/quote]

Have you never known websites that fail to keep up to date? I'd put money on Lown ...

Gotta remember the Camden Line too.  Two locos up front, one in the rear.  End platform suburban cars with screw or close couplings (depending on independent carriages or fixed sets) and timber underf ...

I rode teh first public trial run, in September 1996.  I timed it at 85 mph.

[quote=NSWGR 3827][quote]Summer maintenance being done now to allow workshop staff to join 'all hands to the pumps' on 3801 from November 2017 onwards to make sure it is completed for Festival of Stea ...

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