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Thanks, TomBTR. I'll be off the dial for a while so SOAG, you've started. Care to carry on? If not, then open floor.

Not sure how this might fit, but Wondabyne is on Mullet Creek, quite salty, and the original station (before the Hawkesbury River Bridge was built) was called Mullet Creek, although not quite t ...

Ta, SOAG! Is that near the record?...

Sorry to slip in a foreigner like that, SOAG!Wink Ted Mack certainly dweserves celebrating. The current mob, though....

Wentworth Falls? Thanks, Mr Morrison!


Ah Neddie, you've got enough Best Ordinary Mixed Black on the footplate to take the road to the Thing on the Mountain. A Goon Tabbie it was.

Thanks, Valvegear...

Could it be the all leather radio show about a stripey cat, slightly scrambled?

Such Chats wood get him put away;-), says Mr Milligna, the well known typing error.

Valvegear, it should look like Hornsby, because you are correct.

The starting signal is clear.

Sorry for the delay...

I was born shy - is that why I'm confused?

Leumeah (anagram of 'a mule he')?

Sadly, they were indeed Holsworthy. Over to you, SOAG!

Thanks, Valvegear...

My socks aren't hole-proof - it sounds like they deserve them!

Bankstown? (for Sir Joseph Banks, of the Endeavour)

Paters- on?

Otford it is, Valvegear, as you deduced. You have the staff.

Not Eastwood.... The director I'm thinking of was a bit earlier than that. If you are working after hours, you are doing ____?

Not Lewisham.

Not Tuggerah. The clue refers to a director of the type previously mentioned, though more western.

Thanks, 5915.

Old director working after hours?

Green Square? 540 nm is the wavelength of green light + regular surrounds = square.

Cecil Rhodes it is. Six minutes - that was quick, 5915. Happy steaming!


Fair did my 'ead in, that did. Well done, SOAG!

Cecil was a scholar.

Eastwood (Direction = East, director = woo, direct = d and Eastwood is a director)?

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