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I can't remember, it was 11 years ago. Probably asked someone nicely.

Taken 23/2/03:

Posted 19 Mar 2014 18:28 in Melbourne suburban by Taitset

Ahh Hitachi69 you may want to look at the last page again, he took a photo. It would have most probably run to South Morang then empty back to Epping to stable.

Unless someone has heard otherwise from a reliable source, I very much doubt that the purpose of these new handles is to make it harder to force/hold the doors - simply because if that was the case it ...

Posted 20 Feb 2014 10:45 in Melbourne suburban by Taitset

In reference to the various people who have mentioned having an M car in the museum - The ARHS museum already has 187M.

Posted 18 Jan 2014 19:35 in Melbourne suburban by Taitset

Comeng trains have the same horns, and T classes sound similar as well (not sure about P classes).

Correct, but it is possible to identify between them by sound (not just t ...

A view from a slightly different perspective between Muckleford and Castlemaine on the return:

[url=]http:/ ...

Posted 19 Oct 2013 20:18 in Melbourne suburban by Taitset

Does anyone know where the other two are?
288M etc. are still at Eltham.

Parcel vans: Do they even have any? If so, refer to Tait cars

10CM (a Swingdoor parcels van) was restored in operating condition and was used on some tours around ~20 years ...

Posted 15 Sep 2013 18:39 in Railway Photography by Taitset

The first thing I'd be doing is contacting Canon and asking what they did, and unless they can come up with a good answer, try to get your money back. Obviously it's not a high-end lens but I've never ...

In this case, are there any uncontrolled level crossings under your definition in Australia at all?
There are a few around with no signs, including one between Diamond Creek and  ...

Posted 29 Aug 2013 10:15 in Melbourne suburban by Taitset

A couple of nice examples from between Eltham and Diamond Creek:


[img][/im ...

299M...294M is still stabled at Eltham, has been there for about a week and a half now.

Posted 20 Jul 2013 10:22 in Preservation and Tourist Railways by Taitset

[quote=DavidJDowd]Just a general question and forgive me if its been answered before.

What would be required for the Steamrail consist from Melbourne to run all the way to Maldon?

I understand t ...

299M-2007T-300M-293M-1987T-294M was stabled at Eltham around mid day on Wednesday 10/7, 299M at the Down end.
Four days later and it's still there, presumably defective?

Posted 24 Jun 2013 20:44 in Melbourne suburban by Taitset

From the curves and grades book it looks like the Camberwell flyover is 1 in 50 on both sides.

Posted 18 Jun 2013 18:02 in Melbourne suburban by Taitset

[quote=Melbournesparks]Dennis has one. Can't remember what it's called now.[/quote]Here's Dennis' regular cat, I believe his name's Grahame.

[img][ ...

Nice shots!

Does Oaklands have much of a station these days? Could the passengers disembark there?
There's no station remaining at Oaklands, passengers were able to disembark via a  ...

Some video of the R climbing through the tunnel on Sunday:


[quote=VBAndy]Its possible in theory, the XYZ set was operational on the mainline roughly a decade ago, although I think it is no longer permitted on the mainline (screw coupling and fixed wheels an i ...

Also of note is that all four cars are still in use in Victoria with Steamrail.

There were two sets stabled side by side at Macleod today during the off-peak, and another at Victoria Park.

I'd try Trainworld, they understand the concept of 'customers' a bit better than the Railfan shop.

Sorry about the delayed reply, Braddo is correct with Toorak. 107M and 137M leading two ABU cars on an 'E train' tour to Lilydale, Essendon and Dandenong 20/7/03.

Not Malvern or Armadale. Veeery close though...

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