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Unless as your train descends underground and the morons start shouting into their phones when signal is lost.

Posted 11 Jun 2014 20:33 in Melbourne suburban by TempeFox

Did these signal works include traffic lights on Buckley St as the sequence of the traffic lights here have completely changed. For the last 2 days the traffic around Essendon STN has been chaotic dur ...

When I started driving buses in Essendon in 2005 the tracks were in Napier St with no connection to the network but I can't give a date when they disappeared as I do mainly route work and sometimes do ...

I bought a DVD "The Footscray Local Tramways" from The Rail Fan Shop a good flick to watch. Never knew the tram depot was the MBL now Transdev base. I knew about the tram bridge near the now Anglers T ...

I bought a DVD "The Footscray Local Tramways" from The Rail Fan Shop a good flick to watch. Never knew the tram depot was the MBL now Transdev base. I knew about the tram bridge near the now Anglers T ...

I used to call them "Those silly little windows."

I liked the video but just wondering why use ARHS Canberra rolling stock and testing for what?

At a guess that was The Black Caviar loco in the lead on the up journey and would that be most of their  ...

At least the night ride buses operate out of the city then return on the same route back. When I Lived Sydney at times I had to rely on the City Campbelltown run but was able to use this service to ge ...

Not knowing anything about the current layout of the BRIS system I assume the terminus at Roma Street Station is on dual gauge so is shared with local services. When in Brisbane 30 years ago the overn ...

Posted 20 Jul 2013 02:28 in Victoria by TempeFox

2 hours at least I had my  Pepsi Max

Posted 19 Jul 2013 22:59 in Victoria by TempeFox

It's a Certificate of Completion it has a PTV & BusVic logo on it.

This to certify that


Has attended and successfully completed




Posted 18 Jul 2013 23:56 in Victoria by TempeFox

The whole setup is flawed we had 2 new buses enter service this week (Mon) and still no readers or consoles even though 2 older members of the fleet had theirs spirited away last week. Now the fun for ...

Posted 14 Jul 2013 00:45 in Victoria by TempeFox

As bus driver I cannot give a rats about if Mikyi mouse works or not. And when people just walk on or show their card the whole system is flawed. I will not challenge anyone as I'm not an AO and if th ...

Posted 06 Jul 2013 20:08 in Sydney Suburban by TempeFox

With an another pom in charge maybe go back to the blue& white.

Just being cheeky?

I hope Mr Shelly is still wants a new job?

Just wondering what model is the carrarige from? or fleet number.

I thank you very much for that interesting link as my other half (blonde) had no idea of the Forrest street crossing.

Just makes you wonder where these GPS things get their maps from.

And again ...

I recentlty purchased a new GPS thingy for the car and the first time I used it showed a rail line crossing Forrest Street Ardeer just before the Western Ring Road heading west.

I know years ago th ...

Or even better the daily tickets can be purchased on STA buses

The Hume FWY south of Gundigiea (Spelling "The Dog") The line went to a place starting with T, Tumut maybe.

Gee 10L's of Coke back in the 60 or70's two packets of Tang or that bloody Kool Aid made up was the only equal. While munching on your Big Ben Pie. And after those little packs of Smith's Crisps mainl ...

Spending a lot of time visiting Woy Woy during the 60's/70's the local soft drink was Margins. "Make Mine Margins" Was the slogan. The Barrenjoey Dry was the best ginger ale. Home deliverys of soft dr ...

Another study or proposal so I just think,

Posted 02 Feb 2011 21:29 in Victoria by TempeFox

As a bus driver in the suburbs I thank everyone for the information provided as I have been able to pass on to my passengers. However I do belive it has lead to an increase of deliberate fare evasion  ...

Posted 21 Jan 2011 22:03 in Melbourne suburban by TempeFox


» Report This Post   Posted: 21 Jan 2011 08:25

Heihachi_73 wrote:

That one.

Well, clearly there is a BURNING need for Seniors to be able to top up with 5c only, in orde ...

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