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2 Brand New N scale MicroAce steam engines for sale,the chassis are spot on for making the VR S class and R Class and a N scale Kato for the J Class.Will be sent registered First classe post cost$24,  ...

[u][b]Can anyone help please.

[/b][/u][b]Have not been able to get the AMRM magazines from 2016-2017 August as my mate in Victoria has been taken ill and[/b][u][b] [/b][/u][b]I find that

[/b][b]$14 ...

Hi all, looking for any N Scale locos please.

TrainOrama  S301, Brand new never been out of the box A$225 plus A$28 postage tracked


[b] [u]Eureka Models.[/u]R 730. Boxed, never been out of the box,

A$475 plus $25 postage first class registered. SOLD DOLD


1 HD wago and 4 Cattle trucks, theyare not b ...

[b]Micro Ace A9714-9600 Steam loco, 2-8-0. This is the correct model to use if you are making an "N" scale "K" class, just take the body off and buy the K class body from , it ...



VFNX,  VLX  x2, ELX,  ZF,  UE X2 , HD, VLCX, VBBY, ALX, covered GY,  U, B VP, VOEX x 2, Z Vans  x2  and one 6 whe ...

Loco's still for Sale    - ALL VR BLUE

Austrains Used boxed X40, missing some side handrails, otherwise V,good condition   Au$260   SOLD

Auscision New never out of box L1157 VR Blue   Au$300 SOL ...

Kadee No:5

2 pair with draft gear in each packet.

18 packets on offer, new and unopened  A$45.00

postage A$12.50                          ALL SOLD                               ALL SOLD       ...

VR Freight Wagons, all used and unboxed.

JX  X 3  lightly dusted          $90 for the 3                SOLD       SOLD       SOLD

ELX  X 6 weathered ( 1 from SA)  $20 each    sold    sold    sold


4 X JGF, long wheel base, used in good condition not boxed A$100 plus postage A$30. SOLD     SOLD    SOLD

A discount will be given on postage for more than 1 item.

Some of the wagons have ballas ...

For Sale

Weico Rail Kit  RM003. Victorian Railways Walker 153 hp Rail Motor.

Never been out of the box, everything there to build this model except Paint and glue.

Any offers around the A$100  ...

Hi all,

Well this is my last Brass loco to go.

TrainBuilder- Victorian Railways "S" Class 4-6-2 Steam Locomotive,  N0:S302 Oil Burner,  Edward Henty. DCC Fitted (Digitrax)

Test Run only.

A$13 ...

Eureka Models, N.S.W.G.R.AD60 Class 4-8-4+4-8-4 Steam engine W/O Sound & Weathetred 6035.

Moving to N Scale, everthing must go.


A$550.00 plus postage , ...

VR and NSW Rolling stock for sale, some new and some second, all excellent condition, second hand stock does not have boxes.

ALX X 1 ,, VBBX X 1 , TP  X 1 ,   VLCX X 1 , ELX X 2  ,VOBX x 1, 1 also  ...

Hi all, thanks for interest, I didn't know I had so much stock.

Lets start with the Loco's.

Austrains. New in box, X40.      A$275  SOLD

                  Used             X45       A$200     ...

Hi all.

Firstly am selling all my VR locos and rolling stock, building, trees and model cars.Does anyone know if there are any members in the UK, used to be a club but thats closed down. If you are i ...

Ozfreight VOCY flat wagons,there are 6 of these, no containers, boxed and unused, 75dollars

Auscision boxed 3 X KMQ flat wagons, 521245

Also 3X U Vans, 920946578 lightly weathered, 80 dollars


[b]Boxed, only test run, Full DCC , VR X-40, moving to N Gauge.

First class postage,registered,signed for $25,[/b]

[b][u]$175 plus postage.[/u]If interested please email me at: atsalaman@gmail.c ...

Wanted "N" scale VR diesels.

Please email me if you can help.

Posted 02 Jan 2016 03:53 in Model Railways - General Discussions by Tuckly69

Can anyone help me please, need VR diesel bodies in N scale to fit US mech.

Thanks for your help.



Boxed Austrains 3 X V-Line VPCX                                                                $105.00   SOLD   SOLD

Boxed Austrains  X40, test run only            ...


Have too many items of rolling stock,


X-40, boxed and only test run                                                           $215

2 x NGTY SA Gray, I think from kits,not ba ...

[quote=Shazam75]For Sale.

B60 in original condition with DCC Chip Hard wired ESU DCC decoder. Independent marker lights and head light function. Kadee No. 5 fitted as well.

$249 + $15 postage.


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