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Apparently its NSW Sad

When & where is it?

Well done young fella...keep it rolling and ull have heapsa fun and a sweet layout!

I'm sure any help you need there's more than plenty of ppl here willing to help!

That's very well made!

I bet the motor he used is a cell fone vibrator.

Excellent idea

I got one of the blackridge one's from supercheap about a month ago..

$88 + I bought a set with about 5 tools for another $24 and an airbrush set for $8.

The compressor must have fallen over in the  ...

What pressure are you running?

Do u have a regulator and moisture trap?

how thick are the paints mixed?

Posted 03 Oct 2009 15:59 in Model Railways - General Discussions by Turbdtx3

I tried it in N scale many years back to make a yard using just plain plaster....

I failed....that's the best way to describe it Sad

Ye gods, so much further from me in Essendon Sad

FLYCAMONE is the item u want...

should fit in an HO

my mate has one on his model planes

That's really cool

Too big tho omg over the height of a laptop! N scale FTW Smile

DAMMIT I missed the entire thing, didn't realise it was on...

The new one is in Avondale Heights

On Milleara road very close to Coles.

Its called central R/C  Personally I haven't been there as yet.

The old one in Airport West is good... I go there fairly o ...

'NTH Korea Undergoes Nuclear tests'

And they show on the news missiles shooting into the air.....

Everyone talks about world war 3.

It was a controlled underground test just like the 100's that oth ...

so where are the current specials?

Pretty sure someone has them with a cheap kit for about $130..

but I want cheaper.....anyone know of any current specials?

compressor is a no name brand one off ebay cost like $55. its crap so as soon as i have $100 spare ill grab a bigger one with built in tank from repco.

airbrush was the same idea no nae off ebay for  ...

Digitrax stuff gone, points and track still available Very Happy

ahh true.. I only use acrylics so I never thought about that!

yes heres a badger.. ...

I just thought about polystyrene boxes.

I have one that I got from a pet shop for transporting fish.

It's about 2ft long by 1.5high and 1.5 wide.

I reckon get one of those and u can cut vents into ...

Heaps For Sale here, If it's not gone by mid week ill eBay it.

Digitrax Zephyr main unit, Never used!

Included is 3.5 amp power supply cost me $80!!

- All booklets and decoder tester + resister etc ...

ill get a pic with my DSLR a bit later..I now realise that pic there sux!

Someone else must have a showcase.... show us, especially some weathering etc as I could use reference atm!

if I'm right its the same kind of foam used for trampoline safety mats?

Hey guys, well running at crappy psi, as my comp is tiny and has no tank the air supply is crap to say the least.

I sprayed the sub, bottom colour no probs, but then I lightened the colour and I thin ...

I just wanted a crappy one for a few things.

got airbrush, tiny comp, water trap and hoses for about $50 all up from different EBay sellers.

Its great. Comp could be better though, struggles for 40p ...

that's a good paint job tho, decals can be fixed later....

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