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Posted 11 Oct 2014 18:03 in Preservation and Tourist Railways by Tuscan

Full quote for 3830 to return to service, even down to coal, oil and a track access for trials comes in at around $190,000. Story is, PHM' latest position has been an about face to steam ops pending t ...

Posted 27 Aug 2014 09:35 in ACT by Tuscan

[quote=Raichase]The tanker is a NTAF fuel tanker, repainted black and filled with water. The disadvantage of using this over a water gin (from a trackside perspective) is that there is no automatic fe ...

Posted 19 Aug 2014 18:11 in ACT by Tuscan

@peterreynell, is that black tanker behind 6029 an auxiliary water tank/water gin? If so, very nice work on using a tanker rather than the NSWGR gins - the gins have to be the most ugly moving vehicle ...

Boiler is to be lifted and have repair work done out of frame, wheels are to be re-tired and full mechanical overhaul of the valve gear, rings, bushes etc. Basically the same job that the pig had done ...

Posted 12 Mar 2014 18:57 in New South Wales by Tuscan

I have been hearing for a while that the 57 class were restricted to 65kph, it's low speed being one reason 5711 has been overlooked for overhaul (aside from money, resources etc).

Can anyone shed ...

I can't for the life of me see how they expect any of this to work. Replacing a fast transport system with a slower system that you have to change to isn't going to encourage people to come to city. P ...

Does anyone know the why the trains are limited to 100km/h? From a search it appears all the rollingstock should be rated for 115km/h.


Hi Bevan,

If everything comes up rosie during the trials it should be 3237 on the train.

Posted 19 Jun 2013 20:31 in New South Wales by Tuscan

Last time I saw it, maybe 6 months ago, they were waiting for the pistons to come back from a firm (they were well down the list of the firm). Then the front end needs to be set up etc. etc.

They h ...

Not really knowing much about this A2, will it be oil or coal fired? And if oil fired will it have the round tank or a square tank? (if a square design was ever used).



Does anyone have the ex-Eveleigh time for the steam transfer? In another thread it was mentioned the Diesels leaving around 2pm ex-Eveleigh.


Are there any other balloon loops/turning facilities on the coast other than the Stratford balloon loop and Casino turtable? (Stratford being the closest)

Posted 19 Apr 2013 02:44 in Preservation and Tourist Railways by Tuscan

Leaks from some of the crown stays that weren't replaced. Wasn't picked up in the hydro due to crud and rust sealing the cracks. But while under heavy working on the loop trials this build up was knoc ...

Sorry about the subject change..
The video shows 3214 in the beginning. Have they begun repainting her yet/what's the status of work being carried out on her? (if any)
Cheers. That has some quite recent info there.

Posted 20 Oct 2012 01:03 in New South Wales by Tuscan

From spending a large amount of time in town I see it this way:The CBD is progressively getting more 'boutique.' Small bars, specialist shops and cafes are now starting to pop up. The CBD won't ever b ...

Good shots and vids fellas. Can't work out who was providing the 'insurance,' the diesels or the Pig!

Noticing the RTM and 01 Limited are currently using 1 FS each in their most recent tours. What's happened to the FS' that were in use a couple of years ago?

I don't agree with the mentality behind taking out the run around. There's points in Broadmeadow that get used far less than a couple of times a year, and they have been left. It would appear cost is  ...

Monday, Duffy, you both raise good points.Monday, with the not catering for gunzels situation, I think there is a middle ground that should be reached between the general public and enthusiasts. The w ...

Just reading through the tours for 2012 and keep noticing they're all exactly the same as the preceding years with nothing really different about them and feature little imagination.The one tour that  ...

Just out of Intrest where have Most of the Exhibits gone to?Good question, I believe that some went to Broadmeadow, but the others ?Does anyone know where both the 32 class are stored?I know that some ...

Word from the Powerhouse is; boiler is in good condition, light mechanical overhaul is commencing but slowly. Lack of recourses, and man power have curtailed progress. Should hopefully be running late ...

Thanks fellas for the replies.

Couldn't find any info on the Heritage Express website: from phoning them whether this trip is steam or diesel/what engine is ...

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