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Posted 11 Dec 2018 22:39 in Locomotives and Rolling Stock by VRS302

[quote=BrentonGolding]Any idea what time [url=/user/27918]@Carnot? Is it taking the cheeky 6pm counter peak path?

***edit Just through CME at 18.25 going hard to make the cross at Elphi, S312 looke ...

Posted 12 Oct 2018 00:07 in Locomotives and Rolling Stock by VRS302

S312 was back in action on a test trip this evening ( Thurs 11/10 ) as part of SSR's loco transfer departing Nth Bgo at 17.40.


Posted 06 Jul 2018 23:57 in Locomotives and Rolling Stock by VRS302

[quote=x31]S312 into Melbourne a short time ago back on BG

[url=] ...

Hi all,

When the engines were initially painted in the WCR livery (late 1994) the only real modifications were the staff exchanges. To me the font size is too tall on the side of the model otherwis ...

Do I assume Bendigo still have a Easter show as well?


David Head


Yes, the Bendigo model railway Easter show is on again this year, Saturday through to Monday.

chee ...

Thanks, Al, but all I'm getting is flickering black and grey vertical shapes.
Hmmm, interesting? when I look at it the pic is there regardless if i'm logged in or not.

I'll  ...

Here is the pick up train sitting in Bendigo yard this afternoon, the time was 17.45.

cheers Al

Hi Guys,

A bit of an update on the Epsom station. The platform works looks almost complete with the fencing and station shelter well on the way. I'm not sure when it's expected to be complete, but  ...

[quote=duttonbay]Perhaps Bruce McLean's Mildura Railway History CD might have some information. I am on the road at the moment, and won't be back home until about the start of June. I shall take a loo ...

I've just seen A78 depart Bendigo heading down the Swan Hill line direction through Nth Bendigo junction. I'm guessing it is going to help with the recovery etc? ...

Posted 09 Mar 2013 15:21 in Victoria by VRS302

Hi folks,
There is some footage of the T class running a push pull special train with T390 in 1986 on the Rail Victoria 'The changing 80's' bonus DVD. The footage shows both sides of the T class and i ...

Posted 04 Mar 2013 22:23 in Victoria by VRS302

Great video's there Greensleeves. Thank you very much for posting & for filming them! It's hard to believe the mid 90's is basically 20 years ago!
cheers Al

Thanks, I can't believe it either, w ...

Posted 03 Mar 2013 17:52 in Victoria by VRS302

Great video's there Greensleeves. Thank you very much for posting & for filming them! It's hard to believe the mid 90's is basically 20 years ago!
cheers Al

Posted 17 Aug 2012 21:17 in Victoria by VRS302

It's official (according to Steamrail's website) - Bendigo 150th will see R711 hauling a train on Oct 21 to Bendigo and back with an historical re-enactment, brass band, book launch and more at Bendig ...

Hi Campaspe / all,As you may be aware there is an exhibition at the post office gallery in Bendigo celebrating 150 years of rail to Bendigo.Garry Long is giving a talk tomorrow about the Bendigo to He ...

From what I can see all the rails have gone and there is nothing replacing them as yet. I guess wait and see after new year.

The D3 and wagon (vzma??)have been pushed down to the concrete jack area. ...

Posted 23 Jun 2011 21:31 in Sightings by VRS302

B80 & S313 thru tonight at 21:00 with container freight, I'm guessing from Deni. S313 looks great in it's true colours!

cheers  Very Happy

I received N452 V/line today, and must say very happy with the model, the detail is great!

It has been worth the wait, well done Auscision!

cheers  Very Happy

I'm not sure what will be there, but at a guess the 'G' scale will be on the stage. I'm not sure if Tallarook will be there again? Can anyone confirm?

Hopefully should be a good show.

I do know fo ...

Does anyone have any pics yet?


Yes, i will be there on Sunday too, hopefully will be a nice exhibition.

cheers  Wink

Ha Ha

Collectors item!!

keep it in its box, mint and in 20 years you will get $300 for it



kinda handy. Two for the price of one!  


Yeah i think i might keep it like  ...

The up loaded grain has just arrived with freshly outshopped VR S303, VR S315 & v/line S310!!

Although I have noticed S310 is numbered S301 on the firemans side!! LOL!

Otherwise I must say v ...

Great news! Toms website has been updated and says the S class are here!!

They will be available as of 25th nov and will start dispatching fully paid orders!

To add help in answering defman70 que ...

I have received VR B75, Vic Rail B83 & v/line B63 Today!! It has sure been worth the wait, very, very nice models.

Thanks & well done Auscision.

mmm now maybe another VR B?? I had better  ...

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