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A bit of shunting on a Queensland layout I called Warrill View. Wuiske Haskell 1720 DEL and Southern Rails ALY vans.

[url=] [url=https://www.youtub ...

It was a great show. I was impressed by Southern Highlands layout, but the whole show was good.

Here's a couple of videos of Southern Highlands.

[url=]Southern Highla ...

Hi I've been reading that the Americans use India ink and isopropyl to weather , what is our version of isopropyl? Or can u just use water if the ink is water soluble
Jaycar se ...

Has anyone seen or tried these point motors from the Czech republic? At $17US plus postage they are a bit expensive , but might be useful in tight places. They have DPDT contacts so are easier than se ...

Just wondering who has good deals and service on TCS, LOC and econami decodes. I live in Brisbane and have previously bought from Kleins in USA but postage is getting rediculous.

TIA Alan

Another great video Luke. and congratulations on you MRH award, you deserve it.

Hi Benny,

Do you have the boxes and what sort of condition are they in? Photos would help. Have a look on eBay or gumtree for similar items. Generally, you'd be lucky to get half of their cost unless ...

Thanks Guys,

Now would someone like to give some negatives to either glueing or nailing? I'm biased towards the glue as the plywood I'm using is the thinner 5 ply and nailing might be a bit harder to ...

Hi all,

I'm building a small display layout that will be moved around a fair bit and I have used the plywood cookie cutter system for roadbed as it winds and climbs a bit too. Just wondering what you ...

For those who couldn't get to this show and want to see what they missed, I have 2 videos that show some of the layouts that were on display.

They are in no particular order.

Part 1

https://youtu. ...

Great show John! I was invited to do some shunting on Yandilla and had a ball, (thanks Ron).

worth a look is you're in Brisbane.

Thanks all,

I have a Bunnings one and a compressor, but was thinking of getting something a bit better. I have only used mine for painting buildings so far and I'm happy with the results. I might wai ...

[quote=TheBlacksmith]My view is that if you really need an airbrush, then you really need a good one. I bought a Badger years ago and struggled with it for some time until I read of someone else havin ...

Aldi have their WorkZone branded air brush kit on sale in a few days. It includes 2 dual action brushes and a compressor without a tank. At $100 I'm not sure it it will be good enough for modelling as ...

Thanks everyone.

I still don't know exactly when we arrive and depart, so I'll just wait and see. Good to know how close we'll be and that is should be fairly quick entry.

Thanks for your help.

Ala ...

Thanks Steve and David,

I have downloaded the map of the exhibit and the google map of the port. I'm not sure exactly where we berth, the cruise line doesn't know yet. Your suggestion to book a cab b ...

[color=#000000][size=3][font=Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]Hi all,[/font][/size][/color]

[color=#000000][size=3][font=Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]I am going to Hamburg Germany in May and was wonderin ...

Thanks everyone for your ideas and help.

Richard, Interesting that your twin T detectors work well and don't effect train performance. I built several many years ago so I might try one of them out be ...

[quote=ALCO4401]Already addressed Alan.


Due to the many comments on a face book group!!!!! ...

Thanks Guys,

I think I'll settle on the BD20 then.

I need 10 to start with. At $17 + Postage from Gary at MRRC that's not cheap, but hopefully they will work well.



[quote=ALCO4401]Shot another quick video last night, doing a full lap around the layout. Early ARG freighter with CLP1 on the point. (I can hear the NSW purist's spraying their coffee). Running along ...

Hi all,

I'm just looking for an Aussie perspective on train detectors for automating signalling. Not specific signalling systems, just how to reliably detect trains in blocks or passing set places su ...

Posted 09 Nov 2014 20:17 in Tasmania by alantrains

Those concrete sleepers look all bunched up as if the locos pushed them together. Will be interesting to find t ...

[quote=dthead]A 1550 ? Well got to have one of those. Might come before the 2300 class !!!! So now have to wait to see the details..... Hope the show went well today. Do they put a 1:1 exhibit in the ...

Thanks DoctorZ,

I did enjoy watching.



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