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A video of the double header run to Woolshed Flat & Return

[url=][url=]Pichi Richi Railway Celebrating 40 years

Hi All,

Trains moving again, the shed was removed from the line yesty. They say things happen in three’s, well No 2, went 6BG2,  1606 wouldn’t start, so they tried to left it with 2 locos out o ...

Posted 11 Jul 2010 20:22 in South Australia by alco961

Hi All,

Some pic I have taken of the bridge building;


Posted 11 Jul 2010 19:45 in South Australia by alco961

Hi All,

Don't if these links will work, but a few photos of the Gawler Line upgrade


Work started about 12 noon today on shifting the old carriage shed from the main line in Port Lincoln. ...

The tracks look impressively well maintained by the standards of most wheat belt railways. Does the system handle anything except grain?

The track has had some work done on it, but it still a prett ...

Posted 08 Oct 2009 08:52 in South Australia by alco961

Friday 13th March 1976 this happen between Dry Creek & Salisbury in both direction.

The Peterborough up & down & also the Gladstone down. This was due to a derailment that had held 2 red hen set & a  ...

Posted 05 Oct 2009 21:45 in South Australia by alco961

The answer to that is yes, the ARHS ran a trip one day using a Bluebird railcar and an 820 class Redhen baggage car, I cannot tell you when though, but I have seen several photo's taken on this trip!


Posted 05 Oct 2009 12:50 in South Australia by alco961

Hi All,

With all the rail history wizards out there, Can someone anwer the following; Have Bluebird & Red Hen Rails cars ever worked together? If Yes, do you have any dates of this happening??

O ...

Hi All,

After some information about the Adelaide signal box, (at the Morphett Road Bridge);

1. When was it built?

2. When was it demolished?


Posted 18 Nov 2008 16:19 in South Australia by alco961

The railways correctly noted Victor Harbor without the u, always did, the sign at the station is wrong and was probably put up not by the railways, but by some other group. There is also a plaque in t ...

Posted 02 Jun 2008 18:48 in Australian Rail Employment by alco961

Yea should have stated, it is in SA

Posted 01 Jun 2008 17:23 in Australian Rail Employment by alco961

Hi All,

Well, SSRS look like after anyone at the moment. The other week one of their driver ask an employee of another company to come drive for them. The person told him he's not a driver, "that's ...

I presume you all know there is more to rail employment than just being a driver.....SKILLED rail services in every state are always after staff as are MOMENTUM RAIL for a variety of positions.

Yes ...

For those interested in a career as a train driver, on the Eyre Peninsula of South Australia - Trainee Positions at Thevenard & Whyalla: & also  ...

Posted 10 Feb 2007 09:09 in Victoria by alco961

It's B80, owned by CFCLA. Don't know what their plans are for it though.

Thanks for that.



Posted 08 Feb 2007 14:48 in Victoria by alco961

The one you have in mind is

Thank you for that too, wongm.  It was just what I was looking for.

Are there similar sites for CF/CFCLA?  It is great to see the old Victorian locos still around  ...

Posted 08 Feb 2007 13:24 in Victoria by alco961

I wouldbn't go to Bendigo just to look at SSR depot, I'd also visit the fantastic Deborah mine and the Bendigo tramway system/tram depot museum.

Hi, enjoyed a look at the trams back in January  ...

Posted 08 Feb 2007 09:19 in Victoria by alco961

Thanks for that fellow, I plan to head out to Nth Melbourne for a look, as I worked when they use to unload steel there.



Posted 07 Feb 2007 18:12 in Victoria by alco961

Hi Fellows,

Just wondering where does Southern Shorthaul work out of?? Where do the work to & from?



Posted 07 Feb 2007 16:55 in Victoria by alco961

Hi All,

Thanks fellow for your replies.

Bellarine Peninsula Railway I did think about this, but with no car thought it might have been hard to get to, but after the reply about it I check to ne ...

Posted 06 Feb 2007 15:39 in Victoria by alco961

Hi All,

I will be in Melbourne next week for about 7 days. Won't have any transport, other then public to use. One place I will be going is Puff haven't been there now for about 16.5 years Anything ...

Posted 02 Feb 2007 19:13 in South Australia by alco961

I'll go on it when they return it to 5'3" and reopen the Adelaide Hills line all the way to Bridgewater, as well as all the lines in the Southeast that they closed as the result of changing the gaug ...

Posted 02 Feb 2007 16:34 in South Australia by alco961

Hi All,  

There has been a few things that has seen the end of country train in SA. 1. The biggest thing was for country people taking the train to Adelaide, is you ended up at Keswick. That wa ...

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