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[quote=RTT_Rules]I need to look up the leg spacing for these flights before considering. My knees are touching the back of EC seat now in front now and on one EK 777 I asked the person in front that t ...

Posted 15 Aug 2019 16:35 in News by apw5910

I also took a photo of probably the same white 4 wheel van, which became a model in my way-and-works set. Think it was in Wollongong yard mid-eighties, along with a worn-out MRC and a end-platform car ...

Posted 12 Aug 2019 02:52 in The Lounge by apw5910

I always buy Australian produce where possible, especially seafood. eg I won't buy Viet prawns.

But manufactured consumer goods are almost entirely made overseas, so I'll get the lowest price I can ...

Posted 01 Aug 2019 13:39 in The Lounge by apw5910

Adopt Roy and HG's solution: don't fight drugs in sport, lets see how far we can push it instead!

You'd think somewhere to put your luggage would be a no-brainer, but have only found it in Valga, a border town in Estonia where there's a three hour wait between trains from Tallinn to Riga. There is ...

Is Thirlmere finally going to get No.1 ?

Why are (all) media referring to a “cargo” train. We put freight on Australian trains - cargo goes by ship.
Newspaper uses wrong terminology to describe something - colo ...

One of the many Loctite glues will probably work, but I drill a small hole (0.7mm or so) and jam a piece of brass wire between the wheel and tyre. Essential to get the tyre on so it doesn't wobble.

Posted 23 Jul 2019 05:03 in The Lounge by apw5910

[quote=Aaron]apw5910, I suspect the script writers just pulled that figure as quoted about the place by many (clearly incorrect) sources (Nesterenko is one).

I have pondered for a while where such ...

Posted 21 Jul 2019 01:22 in The Lounge by apw5910

Was it ever revealed, perhaps in one of the podcasts just how they came up with an explosion yield of two megatons in the scrpt? I did a double take when I heard her say it. Anyone on this board will  ...

Posted 16 Jul 2019 15:35 in Preservation and Tourist Railways by apw5910

[quote=a6et]The simple aspect of what I am suggesting, is that by having the loco's mentioned all available, its much easier to maintain a decent fleet to cover any failures, so even when 01 is availa ...

Posted 16 Jul 2019 00:37 in Preservation and Tourist Railways by apw5910

It shouldn't take too long to reassemble now, should it?
Something tells me it won't be as fast as UP4014. Which went from a similar state in that photo above to moving under i ...

Posted 15 Jul 2019 05:49 in Preservation and Tourist Railways by apw5910

Great News. And about bloody time!

Posted 12 Jul 2019 17:26 in The Lounge by apw5910

[]Eg, if I watch a movie about Rome (eg Gladiators), one of the first things I note to my self is that yes they are speaking English but that is some form of Tardis translation being don ...

Posted 19 Jun 2019 17:02 in New South Wales by apw5910

16 years Exclamation

The Vinelander
And still nothing of any importance has been done. No wonder we get a bit tired of politicians and their promises.

Have you ever considered doing a behind the scenes video?
I'd say he's too bloody busy filming the train!

Sounds like to good thing to do recycling and cost recovery and extra traffic for Canberra.
But the usual suspects don't like it:

Save yourself a bit of grief and just touch them up with a black or brown Sharpie pen.

Okay. I'm sure the Minister will see the error of HER ways soon.

Words are great, action is better.

We have been hearing a lot of words on this topic over the past few years, I would prefer to see some action.


I'm sure the Government Minis ...

Now make all those shots of 5917 trailing go in reverse, so it looks like it's pulling the train. Pity about "eating" all the exhaust steam!

Something to do with this probably: [url=
through-new-south-wales-and-victoria/]https://cruisee ...

[quote=Bevan Wall]3526 looked splendid today working the train to Goulburn to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the opening of the railway to the city.



[url= ...

Where would you deploy in Victoria ?
At the breaks-of-gauge?

You Could only Turn it in Geelong and Melbourne no where else,
Convert it to standard gauge. Then you can turn it at several places in NSW Laughing
Btw, are there really so ...
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