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Is it Goornong?

Posted 22 Jul 2019 07:00 in Victoria by damooops

G'day all.

Having the second platform in allignment with the main line at Traralgon will certainly help with the slow running. The current platform is on a diverge, so all trains slow down to a crawl ...

Posted 07 Jul 2019 09:56 in Victoria by damooops

G'day all.

From what I understand, the V/line gangs do an incredible job with what they have. To put it simply, V/line do not have the funding to maintain all the lines to an acceptable standard.

S ...

Posted 17 Feb 2019 17:45 in Victoria by damooops

G'day all.

The April timetable will utilise Shepparton yard which was recently upgraded. The Vlocities won't be going up to Shepparton until the level crossing are upgraded. As for stabling, I don't  ...

Posted 02 Feb 2019 14:55 in Victoria by damooops

G'day all.

I have been reliably informed that as of this coming Monday night, Broadford will be abolished as a signalled location. I'm not sure if is to do with ARTC's coming upgrades, but nonetheles ...

[quote=The Vinelander]

Even then, the new standard gauge went well over budget, and the Feds were quite convinced that Victoria was gold plating the new line at their expense. This was the cause of m ...

Posted 04 Oct 2018 14:06 in Victoria by damooops

"in reference to the section between Dandenong and Pakenham where the track speed is higher (115 as opposed to a paltry 80) and the stations a lot more spaced out and where sparks ...

[quote=Valvegear]The beauty of 40 minute intervals is that V Line won't have time to work out whether it's train fault, track fault, signal fault, staff sickness for each delayed train. I wonder what ...

G'day all.

What about a hybrid solution for Geelong punters?

Able to use the overhead to Werribee, then diesel to Waurn Ponds?

I'm sure that in this age of modern engineering that type of train wou ...

G’day all.

Has there been any official overtones to the effect of the Bendigo and Seymour services running via Sunshine and the airport? Or has it just been the proposal by the rail futures mob?

C ...

Yes. Pakenham and Crimeburn trains will only have access to platforms 3 & 4 at Caulfield.

Cheers all.

G'day all.

With the amount of housing development down that way, why stop at Clyde? Why not reopen to Koo Wee Rup at least?

Cheers all.

Posted 30 Apr 2018 21:02 in Victoria by damooops

I'm afraid not crossover. It has not been in use since the RRL has been in operation.


Posted 18 Jan 2018 21:35 in Victoria by damooops

G'day all.

I've been hearing rumours that Graincorp is looking to get the Dookie line reopened for grain trains. I'm pretty certain that they would have to reconnect the line near New Dookie Road at  ...

G'day all.

I think the immediate solution that needs to happen at Marshall is installation of TPWS (Train protection warning system) on all signals. That works like a trip arm does for the suburban t ...

G'day all.

Has anyone yet seen any designs for these SG VLocities? Particularly the interior?

Cheers all

G'day all.

I was in the area yesterday and had a bit of time up my sleeve so I took a few photos of the progress between Caulfield and Murrumbeena.

See links below.

Cheers all.

[img] https ...

G'day all.

Dropped by the new bridge at Camp road to have a look to confirm if room was actually left for a second track. Looks a bit tight but certainly possible. Also noticed the work crews are wor ...

G'day all.

Just swung by Camp Road (Former) level crossing to take a few pics for an update on progress. The pedestrian access closure signs say no access until 6am 30/11/2017 and by the photos I too ...

Posted 21 Nov 2017 03:44 in Victoria by damooops

The 2018 state election is almost exactly 1 year away.

I think this thread is premature.


The Vinelander

If you stand close enough Mike, you may nearly be able to smell the an ...

G'day all,

I thought I'd stop at Camp Road on my way home to see the progress being made during the major shutdown. I took a few pics using my phone so don't expect outstanding quality. Unfortunately ...

Posted 03 Nov 2017 11:15 in Victoria by damooops

G'day all.

With the volume of traffic on that corridor already I'd suggest that they would have to put signals in there, making it an intermediate terminal location. I couldn't see them allowing a sh ...

G'day Colonel Leon.

A useful website for Victorian signalling info is:

Here's the page on signalling:

In answer ...

Posted 28 Sep 2017 09:57 in Victoria by damooops

How are the sprinters fuelled at Frankston or do they come into SCS for fuel?
A fuel truck does attend when required at Frankston. Also the changeover sprinters come down to Franksto ...

Posted 19 Sep 2017 08:10 in Victoria by damooops

G'day Bevans.

No, the stabling facilities have not been completed yet. The track in the yard is there, but the pathways, lighting and dewatering facilities are still to be completed.

Longer term, a  ...

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