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As a Burnley group user, I agree our trains shouldn't be stopping at Richmond on the down.

However, I will quantify that by saying this should ONLY apply to Belgrave and Lilydale services.

As the G ...

I wouldn't have thought it wasnt rocket science to keep on top of this.

Crap administration if you can't, and it doesn't matter what business you're in.


Ok, I'll bite!!

Pop quiz.... Who's prepared to hock all of their HO scale stuff on eBay and make the transition lock stock stick the lot to N scale on the off chance Auscision isn't taking the pist ...

Haven't seen any updates on Vicsig recently.

Does anyone have an update regarding H1, T372 and Y158??

Responding off an iPhone, so I can't see the last responses to clarify the numbers. But I beli ...

Posted 09 Sep 2019 17:06 in Victoria by davesvline

That must be purely for the aesthetics of cleaning up the works area.

Steel is worth SFA as scrap. If you were getting $100 a tonne, you'd be doing quite well.

But I don't think so.


I noticed the supply of Phoenix Productions at various stands coped a flogging between when I arrived and left. Was there from 1130-1400.

No news to be found  on any of the expected releases of loc ...


However, in this instance I'd suggest because of the terrain, it's probably because the view from the bloke with the camera/video recorder to the locos ISNT being obstructed by the punters?? ...

There's a recent update on the Vicsig website showing that H1, T371, and Y152 have appeared in the Melbourne Freight Terminal.

Presumably to await the same fate as most of the other PN locos of tha ...

Back to StKilda:lol:??

Hopefully it's also an opportunity to update the status of a lot of the Victorian stuff either in the pipeline or being rerun with samples etc.

Some websites have been idle with this for some time, ...

Posted 15 Aug 2019 19:38 in The Lounge by davesvline

The surprising part is that this surprises people.

WTF else does SA have going for it?? I'm not sure, but someone must know what it is about SA that makes the state $$$.

Having determined that, wh ...

Oh look.

The T and Y.

From 2018, to 2019, to now 2020. Here's hoping they're effin great models?

With plenty of numbers to boot. may as well make the wait worth while.


Well, hoons get their cars crushed. So maybe the same should apply, and the driver and company get a fine equivalent to what the repair costs are for a potential bridge impact EACH.

Or, driver has  ...

Symptomatic perhaps of either;

-  employers wanting 1st world prices paid for their goods and services, and then wishing to pay 2nd or 3rd world wages, OR

- employees wanting a 1st world wage, and p ...


I saw it go through Huntingdale on Sunday at 0812 like a cut cat. Hauling 13 carriages IIRC.

Managed to get decent footage of it on the iPhone which chewed up 100Mb.


Now why you couldn't just donate them to one of our tourist railways with the usual non leasing  caveats has got me bewildered.

I get the X's we're end of life, and the others here probably are too ...

Ah my friend, you highlight a very good point.

Its because in Japan they're happy to pay first world prices for first world quality. The culture of not being shamed, coupled with pride in doing som ...

That's what I said.

It helps maintain focus, as there are specific areas of interest within this thread.

Thanks LD.

I forgot that bridge before Surrey Hills. My bad considering I lived there for 18mths.

I do like the idea of reducing Mont Albert to a buried version of Laburnum (except with the trac ...

Well put Historian.

Considering the rest along that path so far have been dropped, with a gradient up from Chatham and a fall into Box Hill at the road bridge at Elgar Rd, it's logical to dig the w ...

Posted 06 Jul 2019 20:13 in The Lounge by davesvline

GST goes to 20%. Dont ask anyone, just lower a few other taxes, and drop this one on the landscape.

What would it it do for govt coffers IF it happened??


ps - you jack up the GST, M ...

T classes had them (possibly P too?)

T400 that just got chopped up at the Melbourne Freight Terminal may have had its still on it?!

P20 is about to be / has been chopped up there.

That said,  ...

The body differences at first glance may be hard to spot.

IIRC, the most obvious ones on the 2nd 3rd series are:

- at both ends the marker light orientation changed from that of 1st series/BL. I bel ...


Run around and put renewable everywhere... The distributor is the one running around changing all the transformer tappings so that the line voltage on the street is constantly 2v lower t ...

Scrap the Alco shizola.

EMD hopefully to SSR, IF they see a need. It could be stuffed, in which case someone would be all over the due diligence bit. Many parts same as their C class, so...........  ...

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