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An update on arsebook this morning stating that an orange bulldog was second unit on a grain heading south of Junee at 7 am today.

So the first delivery of the NIF sets arrives on the 17th December via Pork Kembla... Anybody have info available on where & when they will be towed once on land?

Any news on when the movement to cootamundra will happen?

Standing by in breathless anticipation for quad CLs hauling 1800m of double stacks up the inland line at 115 kmh.
Bring it on!

Any photos available of this controversial vintage lash up?

This whole situation is outrageous!!! Anyhoo...

Any official statement on the plan for the loco's listed in post # 1?

If the map in this link was correct then why did they bother with building the moorebank road underpass for the rail? I think some things have changed.
Here's another similar v ...

I am surprised there is only 4 tracks in to the site.
As i understand it the smaller IMEX terminal will be for the MLP to Port Botany shuttles/trip trains.

The larger open a ...

Video update from April with views of the IMEX terminal construction, SSFL connection work & Georges River bridge can and be found here...


Thanks for the updates scott.

The earlier b sets all seem to have an ongoing issue with the driving cars... it sounds like the wheels on the front bogies have flat spots and a metallic rattling noi ...

From what i've observed construction is well advanced with the main track network connecting the smaller IMEX facility to the SSFL via the Y link in place and ballasted.

ARTC have also installed ne ...

This project is gaining momentum now.

Anybody have info regarding opening of the IMEX facility?

Interesting... i believe Pacific National have had 7 of the nine LDP's on lease recently.

Just rode S140 on an Olympic Park run. The other set running was K76.

Also saw S65 operating an empty train through Lidcombe as run 734G.

lol MDMA is not "ice".

Quiet easy to see how he got up there based on the surrounding infrastructure...

Whatever his motivation th ...

Saw B23 today at Clyde returning from testing on the Richmond line.

Other than Carlingford services, are any S sets still operating as of today?

I've travelled on B21 twice today.

A work colleague caught a ride on B14 today.

B20 is in service this morning.

Saw B19 heading citybound from Glenfield 20 mins ago!

Thanks scott4570.

Just saw B18 at Domestic.

Any news on B14? I read elsewhere it had been damaged / defaced ?

Saw B18 testing at Glenfield last night.

Also a work colleague caught a ride on B17.

Just saw B16 at Wolli Creek.

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