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A read of the April 2018 AMRM indicates that Austrains next model will be the NSWGR 32 class locomotive. Both styles of frames. No wonder Ixion is selling theirs cheap.

Looks like a new post regarding the 12 wheelers project regarding an earlier than expected arrival. Interesting date to make this announcement too

What other Aurora based model could be offered if it is that?

For me it really depends on whether a manufacturer/importer has a good record in consistently seeing announced proposals through to a finished product before I stump up with the money for a pre-order. ...

I would imagine if the Olympics livery was done by Auscision the rights to use the Olympic markings would be extremely expensive.

But seeing there is a gap in their product coding I can't think of ...


I am looking for some of the plastic inserts that are used to store locomotives.

Specifically I am looking a TrainOrama 49 class and 47 class plastic storage inserts.



There was also a variation of the original SRA red livery that did not include the intercity wording. XPT was written in bold white letters. I remember it being pictured in a Railway Digest article ab ...

Has anybody got a copy of the news letter put out by Eureka at the show that can be scanned. No copy has been put on Eureka's website and I would like to know if any news has been put out about the DE ...


A Tuscan livery trainorama 44 class with PTC logo. Prefer just the shell. Can buy but will swap for Tuscan 44100 or grey ghost.




I am looking to obtain the plastic cover/packaging (not the boxes) for a trainorama 47 and 49 class if anybody would like to part with one or both.



Has anybody got there 45 classes yet?

Typo acknowledged, thank you Allan

That's good news. Hopefully they will do the sides for MHA659.


A trainorama 44 class in Tuscan livery, preferably with the PTC logo. Please send personal message to discuss options.


I would like to see the NSWGR South Coast Daylight Express Budd cars done in RTR. The 1200 class Tulloch cars after their 1980s conversion to loco hauled cars would also be good.

Can anyone help with my question? Or do I have to start a new thread.


Instead of reviving an old thread and my question relating to the issue just discussed, the June 2013 issue of AMRM on page 70 showed some products from Howco. It left no contact details in the  ...

Does anyone have pictures? Searched both the Yahoo group page and the manufacturers homepage and could not find any. Really wish I could of seen these last month.


Working fine for me.



Are any pictures of the samples going to be posted anywhere.

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