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bigwato winges about a white line but why would you buy a wagon that has a flaw as bad as faulty bogies omg you may to change them,  after your ranting about the elx makes me wonder why you were so di ...

taitset has it with clifton hill went a bit quicker than i thought it would

taken during the occo doing a clifton hill shuttle

the advertising posters in the background was what i noticed first

picture up later on today

northcote on the down

the best part would have to be the number of whistle boards between northcote and thornbury really upsets the people along that area on the last down  Very Happy

i can still remember as a kid in the early eighty's the siding was still there including a big tin shed if i remember correctly it used to have a big geelong cement sign on the front wall long before  ...

roderick smith the signal is available to show a medium speed aspect there quite a few that can on the epping line but normally only seen when following another train

for a while if the signaller  ...

tomohawk is correct down line between regent and reservoir

i thought this would be a good one as the siemens cab view changed the view slightly took this whislt on a transfer to epping

tomohaw ...

alstom_888m says I think that's a Siemens.  this is correct

no to

Pascoe Vale, ascending up the Glenroy Bank

Between Preston and Regent


noticed today in the paddock on the up side of the crossing there is a new square waiting to go in any one know when this is planned to occur ?? hopefully will increase the speed through the section

surrey hills can actually be a very busy station during the peaks

for anyone who hasnt seen the bridge constructed to cross eastlink here it is

had a look today bridge is only the width of two running lines with a walk way on each side more to stop progress

as far as i have seen the new station will be on the up side of springvale rd

if the track was lowered from the up side of east link all the way to including blackburn this would be a great way to ...

think of a time anywhere from 02.30 till 18.30 as sign on and last sign off at sometimes at 02.00 besides the odd night shift 23.00 till 07.00 you can start and finish around the clock 24/7 365 days a ...

would imagine that the chassis will not change from the current T class model -after all there's no reason for it to change. The body will be slightly different & probably a little less heavy, but oth ...


i know the buffer stop in preston has a few different kits for making parts of victorian platforms mainly country style cant remember the name of the company that produces the kits but the display mod ...

bills billboards was selling box's with foam inserts at hobsons bay expo $30 each if i remember correctly

Posted 21 May 2009 00:27 in Melbourne suburban by dog_spike_jnr

would like to see it called something along the lines of MTA melbourne train authority or SRA state rail authority as was known not that long ago

think it would be a good idea if it showed that it  ...

between newmarket and ascot vale

dandenong sidings closest to platform 3

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