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The challenge now is for rail and public transport to step up and become even more relevant now with the pandemic. Does Vline and metro trains and city rail and NSW long distance services have any ide ...

Government wants to base a manufacturing facility for rail at the site.

New sleeper services in Europe are popular and why not when you see the rooms. 


What is the longest sleeper trains service on the ...

Might be better to go with the strike now rather than when private.

[url=/news/s/train-driver-strike-action-evaporates-as-fear-of-private-employer-looms]Train driver strike action evaporates as fear ...

I think these wagons hold has compressed in liquid form.

Thanks so much for your posts Michelle they are a very useful record.

Will we see an 82 class on the Mildura line ?

Posted 20 Oct 2020 18:50 in Victoria by freightgate

What upsets me is the way the minister has tried to blame the federal government for their decision to not provide further funding. How would they do any different ?

They provided a lot of money w ...

All V/line trains have been stopped around the network and no new departures due to system wide crash of train management.

Rail management in Australia is riddled with cancer.

They look to be very organised and have a good business plan.

Robinvale now want the same.

Does anyone else think the entire department should be sacked ?

Just when things could not get worse another project delayed and over budget my the minister. It really has gone beyond and joke.

Imagine if we had a progressive government who would plan 2021 the year of rail. It would be so popular and nation building and reduce carbon outputs. 

Exactly what the country needs.

Over what distance would the goods have needed to travel ?

Makes me now think about the coppers brewery.

Just sick of listening to excuse after excuse  on why our.m national assets are being destroyed. No other country approaches rail in the disrespectful and carefree way we do here in Australia.

Posted 14 Oct 2020 15:20 in Victoria by freightgate

Speaking with a mate of mine today robinvale crops are also expected to

Be very big and concerns already about not having viable rail access from the area. Big demand coming for transport.

Posted 14 Oct 2020 15:15 in News by freightgate

My question was moreover how could they stop buying our coal if there is a frame agreement or contract in place. They would need to wait for the contract to complete or end.

Thx for the info on this but without a siding the foods may have been carried across the road to the goods yard located at the station ?

Oh please.

Australia never learns part of a plan to remove 100’s of kms of rail network. Why ?

Something is better than nothing. Sydney trains bkk e and others do not have such a policy do they.

[url=/news/s/aurizon-releases-climate-strategy-and-action-plan]Aurizon releases Climate Strategy an ...

There were plans for Sydney to Melbourne electrification of the line for the bi-centenary celebrations 1988. What a pitty this was not completed as it would be renewable energy mostly now and assist t ...

Introducing rail to the post.

Was the site ever connected to the BG network ?

It is important to recognise those who make a difference to their industry over an extended time.

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