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Both 8005/8050 are fitted with ditch lights, so would be an expensive addition (tooling + electrics). Auscision have said previously that they only intend on producing models with limited body version ...

Can not believe whats being said. The new bridge will be on a new alignment that no way can be 160k due to the curvature required and the next curve on the up is only 90k. Using the old bridge as a lo ...

What about a new 2 track tunnel to the left of the existing tunnel coming out at Sth Geelong thus removing 3 level crossings.

[quote=The Vinelander][quote]I would add an upgrade of Pakenham to the list. Needed now. It only takes things to go slightly out of sequence and the time table falls apart due to lack of platform ...

You may be right, but at the moment there is 2 tracks and an access road between the concrete abutments.

The original plans for Wyndamvale had 6 tracks. 2 Metro platforms. 2 V/line platforms with 2  ...

From the original plans that I remember is that the suburban lines from Werribee will terminate at Wyndamvale with two platforms to be built. The main reason there is no room now except at the station ...

Back in the 90's the Allied mill in Kensington for a period received their grain from western Victoria.

20 loaded grain would arrive on standard gauge to Nth Dynon then bogie exchanged to broad then  ...

1631 Seymour is usually a 6 car H set and would presume it will stay this way when it goes through to Shep.

It will then run-around and return to Seymour crossing the later down Shep at Murchy East.

Posted 20 Nov 2016 10:32 in Victoria by gomer

[quote=SamTheMan79][quote]Gemco are reactivating L 377 and 1872 at this time, maybe a coincidence.[/quote]Who are they now owned by [url=/user/8956][b]@gomer[/b]?[/quote]I think Paul Moore of Great N ...

Posted 19 Nov 2016 17:23 in Victoria by gomer

Gemco are reactivating L 377 and  1872 at this time, maybe a coincidence.

Posted 06 Oct 2016 20:03 in Victoria by gomer

Warrnambools  and weekly night extra services (on all tracks) are correct but extra weekend services to Geelong probably wont happen until mid 2017 due to driver shortage.

Posted 03 Oct 2016 16:01 in Victoria by gomer

New 1713 Warrnambool service was supposed to utilize the local Traralgon pass 1737 Down 0803 Up which ironic-lee has been a Vlocity since the accident at Larpent. This service will shunt at Warrnamboo ...

Open floor as i have no photos.


4 car Vlocitys with an unpowered trailer car will not happen. At the moment Vline have a 72 hour deferment on defective traction motors amongst other defects. With 3 cars you will loose a bit of time  ...

Posted 30 May 2016 23:42 in Victoria by gomer

[quote][quote]It was originally 130km/hr but I believe was reduced because formation instability of the embankment. Having as close as possible a 120km/hr turnout at the foot of the bank ensures that ...

Posted 30 May 2016 10:19 in Victoria by gomer

The low speed turnouts are a major limiting factor here.

What is the track speed on the horseshoe curve at the bottom of the bank, in both Up and Dn directions?


Pre R ...

Posted 27 May 2016 22:47 in Victoria by gomer

You have a point, maybe another order after the 27.  But H sets are only used in the peaks with two trips a day where as Vlocitys can run all day. P 17 is at Newport for a repaint so they are staying  ...

Posted 27 May 2016 00:34 in Victoria by gomer


RRL is supposedly future proofed for electrification. Well, that was part of the design scope.

This is true. I have this in a letter from the Minister of the time.

Electrificatio ...

I believe that the electrification should end at Melton, then the Ballarat trains only have to serve 4 stations  and with a future 30 or even 20 minute service would easily cope with future patronage.

Posted 14 Feb 2016 13:16 in Victoria by gomer

We wouldn't want this activity working too well would we, otherwise you know whats going to happen.

Rumor mill. Caroline Springs to get second platform (Island) and Junction points to go further up the hill, lets hope they're 80k's.

Opening put back to December.

The Government cant put in any extra tracks until all crossings are eliminated but will make allowances for more tracks once these are built .

Otherwise nearly all Eastern Vline services would termin ...

The way I see it the elevation of the railway would only run from east of Caulfield to west of Oakliegh as there is 4 crossings close together and to claim any land for tunneling in that area would bl ...

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