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Posted 09 Oct 2020 03:44 in South Australia by greasyrhys

Even the few local grain trains that do run will simply not be worth photographing, especially south where gwu’s will no doubt dominate.

Really pathetic of the epa to dictate what noise diesel locos can make, only positive is the C’s will get similar mufflers to the G’s & not the VL’s, which would really make them quiet. Glad I g ...

It’s a great shame SSR are giving in from the unnecessary pressure from the nsw epa to muffle the exhausts on their C class, totally pointless yet they have no issue with noisy trucks dominating the ...

Posted 17 Jun 2020 18:20 in South Australia by greasyrhys

Announced on Facebook today that the National Railway Museum have finally acquired an 830 class (843) after years of trying. Proud of their efforts, would expect that will replace 801 for broad gauge  ...

Great to see SSR’s ‘new’ bulldogs out. Given I heard some more stupid noise restrictions may be brought in, I hope they’re not going to fit (unnecessary) exhaust mufflers to these locos, very  ...

An A class in blue in gold would be gorgeous imo. And there's also the good chance Seymour will lease it out to a freight operator at some point.
Aiden Teszke

Could you imagine if, say ...

Well done to both SRHC & 707 for getting an A for their collection. I would expect A60 will likely be painted in the blue & gold, A62 maybe in the tangerine & grey? Will be interesting either way

If this is indeed the end, it would be great if a heritage group (707 or Seymour for example) could buy the carriages & run occasional special Overlands like the Southern Aurora & SOP. But like everyt ...

Don’t see why the train should continue running after May 31.

Yesterday could well be the last time it runs, from today all indian pacific, ghan & Overland services are suspended until May 31. On the jbr website

Only 11 days until the last run, a little surprised nothing has been announced. Looking even more likely it’ll cease at the end of the month.

Here’s 7MA8 on the outskirts of Tailem Bend [url=]

G540 was reported hauling 7MA8 today, at least 2 & a half hours behind schedule.

Guess X48 is also stored along with X50? I expect they’ll sadly fall victim of pathetic scrapnal’s ruthlessness within a year. I’d say give both X’s a farewell run, like assigning both to the  ...

Again only 3 carriages (5 vehicles all up) on today’s train, 7th in a row. No doubt a Vlocity service would prove far more popular

The n$w epa can get stuffed, absolute dimwits of the highest order. If I were a rail company running, say a C class on a freight, if just put a banner on the side & write something that will tell the  ...

Including today, the past 3 services between Melbourne-Adelaide have had only 3 passenger carriages (5 vehicles all up), there’s no way Joke Beyond Rail can say it’s fully booked out.

Very sad about DL48, a waste given it was operational when it arrived 4 years ago. Just shows the ruthlessness of pathetic scrapnal, really hope at least one DL can be preserved when they’re all ret ...

Even with another lifeline (albeit much shorter), 6AM8 left Adelaide yesterday with only 5 vehicles (4 carriages & power van), I just don’t see the point in this service continuing. Either put it ou ...

This will make things more interesting on the Whyalla network, with lesser power locos taking over from the GWN’s, unless wagon consists are reduced then we could see regular triple-headed trains.

They (jbr) definitely are not a good mob to not increase capacity. Which is why it would be better if VLine took over the service

Only 7 vehicles on what was meant to be the final service.

Goes to show the train is not worth retaining in its current form.

Is a shame it’s not a regular service now, would be great to have another operator in the Adelaide hills besides the usual

It has been a tad over a year since the Vics announced the funding to keep the overland running for 2019, surely this will very likely be the end of said train. Was a long time coming tbh, I won’t s ...

4AM6 departed Outer Harbor yesterday with VL358-GML10-QBX005 in charge of 40 empty flats (all AM6’s has containers prior), could be the end of this service or trial. Got it at Fosters Corner (Belair ...

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