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The 2 unsold ex Qube contract GT26CW-3 clones, 1109 and 1110 have been moved from Mount Vernon to Silvis for rebuild.

To be fitted with ng bogies and GE 764 traction motors for use on the 3' gauge  ...

Posted 11 Oct 2019 11:48 in Locomotives and Rolling Stock by jmt

The Ro-Ro "Tarago" discharged 2 GT22CU-3 clones from NRE at Fisherman Islands on Wednesday.

Locos left Savannah, Georgia, on the "Titania" and were transhipped through Auckland.

https://www.2wglob ...

G&W was a member of a JV that controlled Ferroviaria Oriental in Bolivia between 2002 and 2014. Acted as manager.

Sold out to local interests to avoid the possibility of nationalisation.

New ind ...

Posted 17 Jul 2019 14:56 in Locomotives and Rolling Stock by jmt

Posted 16 Jul 2019 10:30 in Locomotives and Rolling Stock by jmt

[quote="Big J"]Back to the original thread. There may not be a very huge appetite for these and they may have to virtually commercially give them away, if an operator here would take on the risk.


Posted 15 Jul 2019 17:32 in Locomotives and Rolling Stock by jmt

Not Australia, but South Africa

Locos are over height for South Africa. On Cape gauge, unsuitable for freight, if HEP stripped out, to ...

Posted 09 Jul 2019 13:51 in Queensland by jmt

I know painting a loco is hard work but the effort to put sticker material all over it seems a step backwards.

You will have noted from that contractors webpage, that even new loco ...

Posted 04 Jul 2019 12:03 in Queensland by jmt

Thunder Bird departed Brisbane at 03:21 bound for Korea

If locos were discharged, was on Wednesday

If Adelaide is any example, look for them where Quarantine (or their contractors) wash/disinfec ...

Posted 03 Jul 2019 21:12 in Queensland by jmt

I like that they kept the classification number in the glass classification. Makes it easy to work out the origins. Did they ever update the numbers in the glass classification?
Big J
Al ...

Posted 03 Jul 2019 14:18 in Queensland by jmt

[quote=bevans]Thanks for starting the thread. Why would the locos be coming off in Adelaide when they are NG or are they to be regauged? I guess we (me) need some help understanding what is the plan ...

Posted 03 Jul 2019 13:14 in Queensland by jmt

The Thunder Bird birthed at Fisherman Islands late Tuesday.

Should be discharging today.

Discharged 5 x 2250 in Adelaide last Thursday, ex Durban, 2260/2261/2262/2269/2275.

No photos from Dur ...

From the tone of Jack Hellmann's letter to employees, it is a "world class investor", so can any ideas re glorified mamma and poppa shows like the Smith Family's SCT purchasing the 51% of the Australi ...

Note the similar fishbelly frame to the Qube E-3000E3B, and NRE/Grindrod RL30SCC-3 (frames 0025-0093)

I have had some second thoughts re the Thunder Bird

She was very slow discharging at Port Adelaide, as she had to remove tween decks, and stack these on the wharf

You can see the tweens in front ...


[url= ...

Photos on a facebook group show a fully painted GWB002 doing trials between Pt Augusta and Pt Pirie this weekend.
nscaler69 ...

Refer Motive Power #107 Sept/Oct 2016 for a list of numbers.

Transnet had imported 20 2250 as rebuild core for subsidiary Transnet Engineering in October 2014 (plus 14 2170 for use by Transnet Frei ...

The 2250 contain around 14 tonnes of easily removable ballast. Redbank apparently cut plate and scrap rail to fit, rather than backing up a readymix concrete truck.

The 3 that TE are rebuilding for ...

I guess the 2100's could also be remanufactured into 2700's at Redbank.
Get rapidly real.

Don't you look on US sites? Watco have well earned reputation as cheapskates, the El Zoro o ...

re-importing locos, that's a tad funny


Even with a round trip freight bill of around $225k per loco, will have been heaps cheaper to have rebuilt in SA using labo ...

That's gobblydygook Sir!



Site apparently does not like Word, washed it through Notepad, does it look better?

There have been posts in the past deriding the 710, and questioning its ongoing viability

I guess that as long as the developing and third world have lightweight rail, and political classes not int ...

My understanding from Annual Reports and press releases from CBH in the 2010-13 period, was that CBH wanted total control of their silo to port logistics chain. From memory CBH had placed orders for t ...

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