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Oh my, what a great big space wasting siggy you have!

Then it's perfect for this particular thread, is it not?  8)

Posted 07 Oct 2007 20:08 in The Lounge by loud_noises

In response:

- We're still ranked #1

- Australia's sheep population far outnumbers New Zealand


Just to throw something into the mix - the "Marmite" in the red jar you get in Aussie is technically "Kiwi Marmite". I'm pretty sure it's made on both sides of the ditch now, as is Vegemite, however i ...

161 professional wedding pics scanned. Now to what while Fotopic uploads all the pics via Java. This is gonna bite the big one, being on Bigpond (Mudpuddle). Methinks to leave the computer running ove ...

Posted 07 Oct 2007 19:12 in The Lounge by loud_noises

Have I missed something? Is there an unspoken rule not to talk about ruggers in these forums? Is there another thread that I have missed? Are gunzels not into footy? Or is rugby just taboo?

I mean, ...

Posted 07 Oct 2007 16:47 in The Lounge by loud_noises

I found that noise issue on an Air New Zealand A320 to Christchurch once. My return flight was a 767 which was much better. But I also reckon those A320s used by Freedom are far too tacky and "plastic ...

Posted 07 Oct 2007 16:45 in The Lounge by loud_noises

If you're on an Air Pacific flight that codeshares with Qantas, I'd expect it to be an Air Pacific aircraft. The codeshare deal involves Qantas selling seats on Air Pacific flights under their flight  ...

Posted 05 Oct 2007 21:58 in The Lounge by loud_noises

At least he lets working class NZ understand what's going on, with phrases like "this front is gonna beef up and come across Southland and Otago, so grab your brollies tomorrow Dunners". When was the  ...

The rain is lovely and warm.

I've always preferred the sun.

OT, but heres a thought. If the buses have these nice LED boards, and all buses have the GPS tranceivers fitted to update the boards, then why the bloody hell isn't this done with the trains? There's  ...

Hey, it's legal, so heh. If you lived over here, there would be nothin you could do about it (not even a simple punishment!). The second she hits sixteen, she's considered emancipated by law and her o ...

Posted 05 Oct 2007 08:06 in The Lounge by loud_noises

News here is that Air New Zealand will be experimenting with some sort of 100% biofuel in their 737s and 767s from next year.

For fun?

Posted 05 Oct 2007 06:59 in The Lounge by loud_noises

He's definitely not orthodox, but he did have a reputation around the Channel One office as being a bit of a prankster. At least he lets working class NZ understand what's going on, with phrases like  ...

Posted 05 Oct 2007 06:53 in Sydney Suburban by loud_noises


Posted 05 Oct 2007 06:49 in The Lounge by loud_noises

I shoved E10 (or Gull Force Ten as it's called) into my '91 Holden Nova the other day, just because it's cheaper. Didn't run too well, but hey, I got alot more out of the tank. Petrol prices are getti ...

Posted 05 Oct 2007 06:45 in The Lounge by loud_noises

As you all babble on about news presenters who mean absolutely nothing to me, I'm just happy cos' Jim Hickey's back as weatherman on Channel One News after a six year hiatus. The only weatherman who c ...

Posted 05 Oct 2007 06:38 in The Lounge by loud_noises

Next time you're here in the people's republic, try The Landmark on Queens Rd in Panmure for a bit o character, or the Barrel Inn, Cook Street in Howick to have a rant at a bunch of poms. Or the Cock  ...

Tried playing 'spot the aussie' in melbourne lately? It's a bloody tough game.

I can see that the general public is still as racist as ever. "White Australia" live on in spirit then, eh? I live in  ...

The general feeling had from news stories and issues such as this is that your government is real smeg when it comes to refugee immigration. Remember that big saga over that boat a few years back? Som ...

Why the schitz is there server overloads at 1.04am?


The other red meat!!!!

The staple diet (among other things) of your average kiwi!

I'll leave you to decide on those other things...

Posted 04 Oct 2007 21:47 in The Lounge by loud_noises

Just managed to find a cheap flight to Singapore for December. Singapore Airlines direct from Auckland was all full booked for the week around when I intended to travel, so i've come up with this inte ...

Posted 04 Oct 2007 21:06 in The Lounge by loud_noises


A major weak point of buses in Jafaville that could be rectified with trains is buses from out my way, namely 50/51 from Cockle Bay / Shelly Pk / Howick, and 52 from Bucklands Beach / Macleans. They a ...

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