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I;m not certain - but it looks a bit like a certain disused platform on the central coast. Nazarail, if you know where it is, you should answer it Razz

For quite a period of time the trams had a certain stink about them - I'm certain its due to the fishmarkets.

As for St Marys - I only really noticed the smell a couple of times, and even then it w ...

Finally have had the time to catch up to all these videos, and what a gold mine they are!  Smile
From a media studies POV, I love watching alot of the subtleties in the videos which you probably woul ...

Then why, when the Japanese built their Shinkansen network, did they go for 4'8.5"?

The fact that all modern rolling stock has bogies that are completely not permanently attached to the bodies says i ...

Also from general observation many layouts have too many legs. Everytime I go to an exhibition set up I look around at the layouts and their centipede legs and wonder how it is that bridges are made i ...

Then again, some of the regular customers just deserve a long rake of GSVs.

Damn straight.

That'd be an improvement from some of thos Flemo S sets . . .

This is a piece of garbage, gutter journalism, as always.

Whats this "conversion" work? Why does merely changing rollingstock require changes to signalling and infrastructure? Something doesn't add ...

Hi All

Just wondering if anyone has any information or photos of the tangara v's tarago at Vineyard level crossing that happened in the 1990's

Any help would be much appreciated. Photos are  ...

I've stumbled across a fantastic collection of videos that has recently cropped up on Youtube.

Visit Its absolutely fascinating.

Videos he's uploaded ov ...

Central Very Happy
Spoil sport.


Posted 13 Nov 2008 00:59 in Sydney Suburban by nadnerb_2000

Urgh - bus to the station? Please, I just ate! Spew
Why build car parks that just fill up, meaning more car parks? It's a waste of land and money!

Because a car park uses a heck of a lot less  ...

What a stupid thread. Please provide so called proof of stability tests.

Gauge doesn't have much to do with stability

When it comes to stability gauge does matter. The most stable gauge was Brunel ...

Posted 12 Nov 2008 07:14 in Sydney Suburban by nadnerb_2000

the Sydenham - Erskineville six-tuplication is officially cancelled. Personally, I never thought this project would get off the ground.

Someone's shy Laughing
It's sextuplification I'm quite sure ...

Posted 12 Nov 2008 02:25 in Sydney Suburban by nadnerb_2000

Sounds like a bit like the "Castlereagh Freeway" that UBD keeps putting in their books and the RTA deny that the plans exists! The RTA did pencil an idea of a freeway in 1990 and was wiped in 1991.


Been down Carlingford Road lately? Its not what you'd call flat.

We've got the better loading gauge anyway. At least in the metrop. That 4D thing had to be much smaller than our tangaras and even then couldn't run on most of your lines.

Posted 11 Nov 2008 17:38 in Sydney Suburban by nadnerb_2000

I can see labor being out of office for at least two terms after this. They've committed political suicide - they've lost touch.

Posted 11 Nov 2008 17:29 in Sydney Suburban by nadnerb_2000

Urgh - bus to the station? Please, I just ate! Spew

^ political reasons. The name "Millennium Train" is a liability. Plus it probably wouldn't hurt the engineers to go back to the drawing board with some of the control system designs - the M's did have ...

Posted 11 Nov 2008 13:40 in Sydney Suburban by nadnerb_2000

RailCorp has been allocated $370 million to buy additional OSCAR trains. There are still 121 OSCAR carriages yet to be delivered from existing orders, but between seven and 11 new eight-car trains are ...

They were actually working on the ropes creek track.

There were a few utes and one of those rail-cart things they usually put welding equipment and such on.

Didn't see any track machines - and i ...

Last week I saw a bunch of trackworkers working on the Ropes Creek sidings, just around the curve from St Marys.

They were doing something or other to the rails from what I could see.

Anyone kn ...

Posted 10 Nov 2008 19:16 in Sydney Suburban by nadnerb_2000

Funny, no I haven't noticed this. Largely because it appears baseless in fact.

I remember it was funny as the company that will build these also builds trains for Pakistan, Iran, and China.  It's good to know we're getting the best!

As the Chinese have the worlds fastest conv ...

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