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TL153 is a Bo-Bo loco to fit A1A bogies wouldn't the fuel tank have to be removed for them to fit?

PS found this photo on Flickr of TL153 getting ready to departing Goulburn: ...

Posted 29 Apr 2020 13:27 in Operators by nscaler69


"Qube entered into a bind ...

The SA Premier is closing the SA state borders from 4pm Tuesday, I would say Tuesdays Overland from Melbourne will be the last.

NR84 new scheme if you have not seen it. (not my photo) [url=]

Posted 06 Dec 2019 12:56 in South Australia by nscaler69

Not really. See this thread: [url=] Great Southern Rail to Launch Adelaide - Brisbane service.[url=http://www.railp ...

ghaploop sightings on the Mon 4th and Wed 6th.

I believe once into Melbourne Appleton Dock. Loaded ex NSW to Appleton Dock, empty consist to Dimboola then loaded train back to NSW.

Posted 15 Sep 2019 23:48 in Western Australia by nscaler69

Try here: [url=]

I think the new mine loading siding is going to be built south of Illoquara loop, which is about 200 km north of Alice.

I am confused! quote: "Mount Peake, which is around 235 kilometres north of Alice Springs" and "The concentrate will be loaded at the Adnera rail siding at Tarcoola, around 85 kilometres from Mount Pe ...

Photos on a facebook group show a fully painted GWB002 doing trials between Pt Augusta and Pt Pirie this weekend.

Posted 09 May 2019 21:28 in Victoria by nscaler69

Going by this Wimmera Times article poor grain season is to blame.

[url=] ...

Posted 17 Mar 2019 22:53 in South Australia by nscaler69

"3 weeks or there abouts from the 12th April" nine news facebook story.

G534 has been released also in the LINX Cargo scheme.

[quote=cmjl]While watching the first part of the SBS TV Indian-Pacific "slow TV" program, I noticed that for some distance out of Perth there were two sets of rails, with each set being dual gauge.[/q ...

Posted 09 Jan 2019 12:12 in Operators by nscaler69

The 3 hour Ghan version is on YouTube. Apparently there is a 17 hour one.

Early Saturday morning for the 17 hour version on SBS Viceland. Last time I checked the program guide  ...

Posted 18 Dec 2018 16:06 in South Australia by nscaler69

The train is on short term hire to Watco for WA use.

It appears the State government has now scrapped the right hand turn idea.

Is this the new scheme you are talking about:

[img] ...

From a 2017 story linked to in the linked article: [url=]https://www.northerndaily ...

Posted 05 Jul 2018 11:46 in Western Australia by nscaler69

One of the Pink locos to haul the wagon: [url=]

Thanks to Rail Pictures and Flickr more pictures of these locos are ...

Posted 23 Jun 2018 20:21 in Operators by nscaler69

[quote=BrentonGolding]Yes, this is a brilliant example of the rolling stock utilization benefits of one uniform gauge.

SSR and others can send their grain hoppers anywhere that has had a good seaso ...

Going by the Goulburn Post full article, loading point is Goulburn.

Goulburn Post "Trucks will still travel from the Collector Road facility, some 10km west of Tarago, along Bungendore Road to Tara ...


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