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Only EMU sighting at Wynnum for Wednesday up to 1700...46+57 ( looks like 57 lost her long running partner 52 ).  Also 109+110.

Posted 02 Dec 2020 09:37 in Queensland by phil_48

This intersection is on the east side of Brisbane, right next to a mix of industrial, suburban, aged care and a private school.

The intersection is also a feeder into the Port of Brisbane Motorway  ...

Posted 01 Dec 2020 17:44 in Queensland by phil_48

Most notable exception was a withdrawl of a PRE ELECTION PROMISE to help fund ( 85M ), in conjunction with BCC and Feds, the long awaited Lindum level crossing upgrade/replacement - still going after  ...

Tuesday EMU sightings at Wynnum till 1640.....36+43, 32+40, 50+51.

Monday EMU sightings at Wynnum ( could not log in RP last night )....49+55, 56+58, 32+40.

Only EMU used through Wynnum for Sunday ....52+57.

Only EMU in revenue service for Saturday through Wynnum is 56+58.  Also 205+206.  

37 is running alone stopping all stations on a training run.  106 only is doing the same thing.

Wynnum EMU sightings for Friday...36+38, 56+58, 50+51.

Posted 27 Nov 2020 17:31 in Queensland by phil_48

The Pine Street bridge between Wynnum Central and Manly, at 2.8 metres ( the other two in the Wynnum area being 2.2 metres and 1.9 metres ) claims another scalp today.

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Thursday EMU sightings at Wynnum till 1710.....49+55, 33+59, 52+57..

Only EMU sighting for Wynnum till 1745K on Wednesday....35+38.

EMU sightings at Wynnum for Tuesday till 1715K...47+55, 56+58, 49+50, 35+38. ( Sorry SB1 - no 57 today ).

EMU sightings at Wynnum for Monday till 1700...36+44, 52+57, 49+50, 56+58.

Only EMU sighting at Wynnum for Friday till 1715 is once again ...56+58, plus a second heard, but unseen EMU pair later at night..

No report this weekend as Cleveland line is closed.

Only EMU sighting through Wynnum for Thursday till 1700...56+58.

For the second straight day, no EMU's sighted or heard at Wynnum at least till the end of the evening peak.


Up till 1630K Tuesday, no EMU sightings at Wynnum all day.  And no further sightings or EMU sounds into the night.

Monday EMU sightings at Wynnum....46+58, 48+56, 39+40.

Cleveland line this weekend only operating between Murarrie and Cleveland.  Only 4 units needed - all overnighting at Manly.  The only EMU in the mix is 32+55.  Also 206+212. The other two 6 car sets  ...

EMU sightings at Wynnum for Wednesday till 1655K...44+59, 32+55, 34+51.

Only EMU sighting at Wynnum for Tuesday till 1715.....44+59.

Monday EMU sightings at Wynnum till 1700.....50+52, 33+36.

35+38 overnighted Manly for the second night running and is the only EMU in use on the Cleveland line Sunday.

Only EMU's used on Cleveland Saturday...39+57, 35+38.

Wynnum EMU sightings for Friday till 1700....50+52, 35+38, 43+45 ( plus one very early morning one missed ).

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