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Posted 26 Feb 2014 23:52 in New South Wales by poppins122325

Hi all,

I have some pre purchased my multi tickets and NSW Trainlink say that I have to validate them each time I use them.

I plan to travel from Morisset to the City and am not sure on how to v ...

Posted 18 Apr 2013 20:29 in Railway Photography by poppins122325

Hi all,

After a lengthy break i have again returned and have uploaded my shots from steamfest 2013 and also a day trip of shots as well.

have a look at my new updated flickr here: http://www.fli ...

XRN 015 added to the pile up at UGL Tonight, starting to get a few in there.

Thanks for the update on the QRN renaming thing And XRN 006 joins the lineup at UGL tonight, there is a few other XRN units in the back yet i couldn't see much from the road.

just a heads up there is XRN 28/29/30 still in the yard as well as a new QRN loco however on its side in place of QR National it says something along the lines of AURIZON or the like anyone know anyth ...

The bit i love is "However, she told the tribunal she believed if she had been granted a computer or extra time, she would have achieved much higher marks."99.95 come on whats much higher than that ?  ...

i often think some of these "great ideas" should be put through the test before they hit the street, that being said i havnt been up that end of town for over a year now so i had no idea there was eve ...

Makes me think whats going on over at UGL right about now,From someone who works outside the industry im not sure of there setup with GE and UGL so i cant really comment but with that now coming in is ...

most likely Graham4405, only got a pacing glance to and from work  Wink

Not exactly new but theres 2812 i believe in the yard near the turton rd lights, been there since friday i believe

Just an update 9305 is out in the yard with full paint and decals

Posted 13 Jun 2012 23:22 in The Lounge by poppins122325

i must be able to fit inside of it comfortably im quite tall at 6 foot 4 inchMake sure you take one for a drive of at least 5km to test comfort. We have an older petrol Cruze at work that I find extre ...

Posted 13 Jun 2012 21:09 in The Lounge by poppins122325

Thanks for the feedback so far guys,Im open for any suggestions being that it must be a manual, be good on fuel (preferably leaning towards diesel as i drive 100km each day minimum) and i must be able ...

Posted 12 Jun 2012 19:50 in The Lounge by poppins122325

Hi All,Im in the process of looking into new cars for getting to and from work, so far im looking into the Cruze CDX and just wanted to know if anyone here has one or can she some light into the car a ...

120 Hour generation but ended up with closer to 200hrs because i was worried haha, got mt l's first go, red p's first go and now my green p's first go so i figure i must be doing something right Smile

Posted 29 Apr 2012 22:34 in Railway Photography by poppins122325

Thanks micheal, i will go back and do this across the board of my shotsAnyway heres my limited shots from steamfest this

Once upon a time i could get ready for school in 13 mins from waking up to out the door and then at school under the 7 giving me a good run of 20 mins.If im going to work it can take me 17 mins to hav ...

Posted 19 Apr 2012 22:31 in The Lounge by poppins122325

Dont think ill see it while im still living where i am now, knowing my luck ill move out and they will put it in haha,Still no word on when itll be in my area, im hoping for some info but not much i c ...

Sounds a fair bet there Railchase, do you know if its the same with Xstrata ?Cheers for the info Shacks

CEY 001 Back in at Broadmeadow Plant, unsure of any other locos in the yard at this time

Average around 100km to get to work and home each day, then if theres special call outs can see me doing up to 150 on top of that as well.Have to agree about the fuel too, had a mate i went to school  ...

Just noticed i cant update my avatar, not sure if its just me but any help is appreciated :)Cheers Guys,Nathan

AFAIK when 3830 was last up she headed back on with the other steamers in tow on the sunday night leaving the diesels to haul the other other car sets back later on

nope trackwork has been last week and this week, just hope they got it right :S

Hi Naz,Any day is a good day for coal up here, for freight im not entirely sure best to check the artc mtp im guessing for a fair idea. Which can be found here: ...

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