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General Motors? RazzRazzRazz
But seriously folks, I'll guess (Commissioner) Gordon

I think let us know which rule/s you transgressed (which will be a clue in itself) and keep playing.

[quote=Valvegear][quote]The smell wafted all over the neighbourhood.[/quote] At Melbourne High School in the 1950's a northerly wind gave us the stink of the Richmond Brewery; a north-westerly was Ros ...

I'll miss it, and I'm a Victorian!

I like my craft beer, don't get me wrong, but I absolutely think there's a place in my world for mass-produced lager-type beers, of which West End is certainly on ...

I'll go for Lake Boga then

I'll take a punt with Thomson

Cool, thanks guys. I'll have some fun with Google Maps and Marcus Wong's site today during an all-staff meeting I don't really need to pay attention to. Employee of the year, right here!

Does the Italian Gully Trestle still exist in any form? Or does it no longer remain at all?

If there's something to look at, where might I find it? I can feel a road trip coming on! (when the appro ...

I am indeed Yarck. Over to you duttonbay.

Not Bonnie Doon either. But we're getting closer!

Not Yea, Everton, Yarra Junction or Tallangatta.

All guesses are on the right side of the state. Yea is the closest guess in terms of geography. A guess has had the correct line.

Sorry, not Foster. I'll see what the next couple of guesses bring before a clue.

Hahaha, cheers!

Not Nowa Nowa either.

Momentarily, I forgot which station I had selected! Not a good sign for my mental acuity, lol.

But it has come back to me, and Myrtleford it aint.

Ok, next teaser.

I am a closed station on a closed line. Some limited bits of infrastructure remain. A rail trail now passes through me, and I'm a popular stop along the way for a break.

Could it be Irrewarra?

Mangalore perhaps?

I am note Coleraine junction, however I AM Bowser.

I suspected it may not last too long.

It's not North Ballarat, and it's not Cressy either.

Cheers FD. I suspected it would have to be a station with a relatively frequent service back in the time of the schoolgirls using it for it to be any use of getting to/from school. That narrowed it do ...

Is it Manor?

I've heard of such a thing happening in Japan - but the story has it the station remained open until the student graduated High School.

I can't offer any kind of educated guess here though, so I'll ...

Inglewood? Paired with Inglewood, California. Home to Jules Winnfield from Pulp Fiction.

"It's your future...I see a cab ride. Move out of the sticks, Gentlemen." - The Wolf.

I know it's unlikely, but...St James?

Jackson? Has the added bonus of being both a first and a last name.

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