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Car 602 has been heavily modified (internally) to act as a Buffet car on SHR services. It has also (very) recently been fitted with a 240v genset to provide 240v power to the buffet. The 32v system st ...

I too am a happy customer of DCS Solutions, I put a call into Dan on Saturday for some LED's for this project, and promptly had a knock at the door with the goods that afternoon - can't complain about ...

Believe it or not, that's a 30+ year old Mehano 4-8-2 mechanism.

Streamliner, send me a PM with your email address, and i'll send you a set of instructions on how to modify the chassis.

Here's my current project - a SAR 520 class steam loco. sorry no still photo's at the moment, but a video of the project in action.

As a follow up, rail only fares will now be accepted until COB Friday. These passengers will need to collect their tickets from Mt Barker on the day.

I've spoken with the Tavern management this morning, and we can now accept bookings through to next Tuesday (25th) for persons looking for the lunch offering. Rail only fares will also be accepted thr ...

Hi All,

Just a reminder, that bookings for this trip will be closing by the end of the week.

Get your bookings into our booking officer on 82635621 soon to avoid missing out.



Wow! This thread has derailed slightly!

Just for the record, Dean's donation was aimed specifically at 520, and 520 alone.

This trip has been organised in order to raise funds for whatever else ...

Sorry, not sure what went wrong with the link there.. Here's the correct link.


Sorry, not sure what went wrong with the link there.. Here's the correct link.


The dream to see 520 back in steam has become a reality, largely thanks to the kind and substantial donation made by founding ARHS Member, and former Tours Director, Dean Harvey. However, we still nee ...



[img] ...

Posted 24 Dec 2013 08:29 in South Australia by sarail

Here's a shot of the movement passing through Woodville on Sunday night


Rx224 and 408 cross paths at Bridgewater

A pic from Bridgewater when it was on display at the National Railway Museum.

Scotty's Trainbuilder Overland set - posed for photos.

[img] ...

Ballast is sieved dollarmite fines (about $6 for a massive 40Kg bag from my local landscape supplier). I then airbrush it with various Floquil paint to colour it to suit the location.

Its a bit of  ...

Aaron, when did Auscision come over? I've been to every AMRE show for the past 10 years as an exhibitor and as security staff, and cannot recall having Auscision over.

Austrains made it to SARMA's ...

A couple of shots of Bridgewater:

621 waits to depart for Adelaide with a school holiday Bridgewater special, whil ...

Mine isn't too loud - it makes a little noise at full throttle - certainly more evident with the body on, but isn't any worse than my BRM T class.

Well done to SRV for a wonderful day out - we did the side trip to Walhalla for lunch, and throughly enjoyed ourselves (and the trip on the WGR).

Below is a link to a video I took from onboard the  ...

Finished weathering my Ozrail 500 class shunter. I also removed the original, factory fitted PC board and replaced it with a hard-wired Digitrax decoder.

[img] ...

Being a trainee guard for SHR I can answer this 1st hand. What's on our website is correct - the path to a guards role, starts as a Passenger Attendant (exams), then onto Station Master - after a year ...

Posted 20 May 2013 15:37 in South Australia by sarail

Cameron Road will be protected by a crossing keeper. Section Car rides will work through the Tunnel, to around the brickworks - not crossing the old Princes Hwy level crossing

Posted 17 May 2013 14:10 in South Australia by sarail

Details are online on our website - both under Special Events>Mt Barker Festival of Steam and on our news page.

For those unaware - I've snipped my spiel from our website and dropped it below:


Hi All,

Just a quick question - i'm in the process of building a station building from card, and am wondering what people have used to represent weatherboard when cladding such buildings. Any advice  ...

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