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I was at the branchline in Croydon today and they had quiet a selection of 2nd hand goods, There was 44's, NR's etc.  There was also a very nice selection of 2nd hand Brass as well.  I usually get ove ...

Would sure like to know how you installed the sound, for example which decoder/speaker combination.  Would be nice to see a set of instructions like you have done with the B, T, J, Y classes please.

Hi just wondering if anyone has recieved their CQBY wagons yet?

Hi, looks like Auscision have set up a new blog Looks alright to.

Whilst looking through Auscisions's web site on the products page,

Noticed a link to model trees, samples were seen at Liverpool show, only probl ...

Posted 21 Oct 2008 19:15 in Victoria by simmons_travis

I heard a rumor last weekend that they were going to have dual gauge from Seymour to Benalla to allow the Oaklands to run.

Does anyone know if Austrains plan to release the BL in Pacific National colours?

I was surprised that the G Class is not offered in the Pacific National colours.

Perhaps it will be offered in a ...

larry_sanders, do the clips affend you? If so don't watch them.

Some of us enjoy viewing these you-tube clips, I reckon that it would only take take an idiot to go around asking silly questions (as y ...

Hi, I went to the AMRA exhibition on the weekend where Team Alco had their stand showing the newly released and the soon to be released models.

Talking to them on Saturday they were waiting for the N ...

I am interested in what the new model Austrains plan to release,

The DL Class were going to be released for Caulfield, but according to the AMRM they will be released for Hurstville.

Taken from the  ...

Has anyone heard if the Spirit Of Progress train pack is going to be/planned to be released for the AMRA exhibition in mid August, or even if Team Alco is going to attend?

I believe that a couple of  ...

Have you seen the team ALCO website lately(

It looks like it's been completely rewritten, but best of all it looks like they're still working on new products and it's great to s ...


Hi all, I have a Austrains SEATRAIN NR class loco for sale

* NR 56,  SEATRAIN blue,

* Original loco, no modifications, no weathering, no scratches, original Austrains couplers.

* I wi ...

Posted 22 Sep 2007 21:18 in Sightings by simmons_travis

Hello all, Sighted 7MS9? Through Broadford this afternoon at 16:00 with

EL54 X54 and EL56. abb.

This is the first time that I have heard of/seen EL56 sense it was on

its side at Benalla last year ...

Posted 03 Sep 2007 19:23 in Sightings by simmons_travis

Hello all, I have just noticed that the ARTC have updated their timetables, I don't think that these have been reported here yet.


Give these guys ago, i have ordered from them before, no problems.


NR103 and NR 8 pulled into Seymour loop for a cross this afternoon, pulled into the loop at 16:51, and departed at 17:02.  Heading North.

I was near the banc of the Pacific National Loco Provisioning Centre friday and saw them taking the signage off three NR's.  There was one person scrubbing the diamonds and the area around.  Couldn't  ...

I reckon that some good Victorian stations, signal boxes, loco sheds and possibly passenger carriage sheds would be ideal.

Hi, I am looking for a BGM (brass) 1-2 series V/Line X Class.  Does anyone know where I could get one?

Thank You.

The second batch will have single CFCLA EL's.  Not sure when they will arrive, I suspect not until all of the other models have been released.

Posted 06 Apr 2007 21:01 in Victoria by simmons_travis


Please Check your Private Messages.

Posted 29 Mar 2007 18:22 in Victoria by simmons_travis

After filling in a little spare time, i found that Team Alco have updated their website again.

Would we be pushing our luck to hope that these will be ...

so this is pay ware

Do you not think that the people who make this should get something for their hard work?

Trust me, if the "spirit of Progress" pack is anything like th ...

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