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You will need a 2D graphics program, preferably with one that supports layers. GIMP and Paint .NET are both free.

You will also need a program to convert the TGA file created in the graphics progr ...

[quote=cityrail-rulez][b][u]Warning![/u][/b] XTracks v3.21 is now on however! I believe that this file is NOT 100% genuine [b]DO NOT DOWNLOAD!![/b]I tried visiting the XTracks website to ...

Indian Pacific and Ghan passenger car set kindly hosted at [url=]

Peter has also re ...

Hi Phil,

Here is the link for the Blender 2.79 exporter

Here is the link for the Blender 2.8 exporter ...

Hi Phil,

Elvas Tower is back up.

A couple of years ago there was some problem with someone creating multiple accounts to make trouble so new registrations were frozen for a number of months. Y ...

Hi Phil,

Wayne Campbell has also created an exporter for Blender 2.8 which can be downloaded from Elvas Tower (which is currently down for maintenance).

By the way if you download the zip extr ...

Hi Phil,

There is no way of protecting the .S file format as far as I know. If the .S file is uncompressed then you can open the .S file with a text editor and view the raw data for manual manipul ...

Hi Phil,

[left]If you are stressed or depressed you need to give it a break and come back to it with a fresh set of eyes.[/left]

[left]Unfortunately I can't assist you in this matter as I no l ...

Posted 20 Jun 2019 23:15 in MSTS General Discussions by superheatedsteam

The is no need to purchase any software for repainting.

You will need TGATool2 to convert the MSTS ACE files into TGA format for your graphics program, and then convert the TGA files from your gra ...

Posted 19 Jun 2019 20:53 in MSTS General Discussions by superheatedsteam

[quote=jaihatton22]a few weekends ago 5917 hauled the picnic train for the first time since 2016 or 2017. I was exited about this and it ut me back into the steam train spirit. So i pulled out msts an ...

Posted 03 May 2019 22:32 in MSTS 3D by superheatedsteam

What's the problem with the 3D cab?

Posted 28 Mar 2019 00:37 in MSTS 3D by superheatedsteam

I find it's not uncommon to loose smoothing groups, non-welded vertices, flipped normals, rotated and/or mirrored geometry when porting meshes between modelling applications. More so when you use .3DS ...

Posted 27 Mar 2019 00:08 in MSTS 3D by superheatedsteam

[left]Heaps of good tutorials on Youtube have helped me transition from gmax to only using Blender now. The up coming 2.8 version (currently in beta) has a new 'user friendly' interface which should m ...

Posted 26 Mar 2019 00:46 in MSTS 3D by superheatedsteam

Nice work there Phil.

How are you finding Blender?

Hi Phil,

Are you using the Blender exporter from [url=]

If so, I had a quick look through the manual and it appears to be well documented and ...

The short answer to your question is, NO!

Content creators have copyright over their work for the life of the artist plus 70 years ( If a creat ...

Nice models Josh. Thanks for sharing.



Check out this thread.

What sort of video card have you got in the laptop?  MSTS does not like  ...

[quote=jaihatton22]i do technology at school and my teacher mentioned blender and i saw people making mugs on blender but i just don't think i have the attention span or time to do 3d modaling...[/quo ...

Hi Phil,

Xcopy is a Microsoft command line program and you should find a copy in both the C:WindowsSystem32 and C:WindowsSysWOW64 folders if you have 64 bit version of Windows installed.

Are y ...

Always good to see new models being released Brian. Thanks for sharing.



I made some 53' container freight anims to double stack the TeamAlco RRXY's.

Hi Aiden,

I don't have any T/A payware locos so I cant test this for you.  If you advise which loco's you are having an issue with someone with that loco may be able to test and confirm if they exp ...

Hi Phil,

If you are talking about boolean operations then I pretty sure that TSM does not support that function.

I don't use TSM but the closest thing I found to 'cut model faces' is the subdivi ...

Posted 14 Dec 2017 00:37 in MSTS 3D by superheatedsteam

that will be great if you get me the train

I suspect that if you want a Siemens train, your going to have to make it yourself.

I would suggest going to youtube and s ...

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