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Just like the current situation in toowoomba.  This is probably one of the few times a bus is a truley better option than a train for general public transport use.

Posted 14 Nov 2020 22:36 in New South Wales by tazzer96

Amtrak uses dual mode locomotives for its trains to enter New York Penn station.
Thats only because there is a legal requirement.  If they weren't forced to do it, they wo ...

So no different to any of the other outback sidings where the Ghan stops, then.
I don't really expect anyone to outlay a platform in places where no alternative exists.

Brisba ...

[quote=route14]How does the Great Southern use Acacia Ridge? I can't see a platform from Brisway. If a platform could be built there that could be regularly used by XPT with a coach connection. It ...

The big question is if you had the XPT layover in brisbane for any decent length of time.  Would you let it sit in platform 2/3 for a few hours, or would you run it dead to either clapham, the port or ...

Is any suburban station available for terminating SG trains?  It would be more convenient than Casino.

Park Road platform 4 is available and has been used in the past.  Even ha ...

Its not so much a case of them not wanting to share the lines during peak, but the manner in which the XPT used to run was in the opposite direction to the packed gold coast line trains.  I'm pretty s ...

Its not at all recent.  

It's been a day train from brisbane to sydney since before I was born.  

The sleeper from casino to sydney has a bus connections from Brisbane, Gold Coast and a huge num ...

Can we just take a moment to apprciate how far backwards QR has gone in seat comfortablilty for the suburban trains.  It peaked with the IMU100's.

I'm surprised wauchope doesn't already have it.  I've seen them at all the major NCL and MN stations.  

I've been "surprised" by an intercom at a regional station on the western when I was taking s ...

Posted 22 Oct 2020 20:43 in Queensland by tazzer96

Does anyone have a link or copy of the current or fairly recent QR working timetable.

It's well known that in comparison to all other rail operators in Australia and even overseas.  QR has a huge a ...

The shorter trains also have an effect of delaying passenger trains less in the brisbane area.  To get from roma street to milton when coming from Normanby might only take 5 minutes for a 650m frieght ...

[quote=Lockie91]I covered these points when I said there is no need for a metro service beyond Pakenham and forcing V/line commuters off one train and on to a crowded metro service is not a solution. ...

Posted 19 Sep 2020 16:34 in Victoria by tazzer96

While I haven't been on any V/line loco hauled services.   Velocities are not loud by any stretch.  Can you hear the gines?  Yes.  Can you feel engine vibrations? Yes.  Are they annoyingly loud?   No. ...

Posted 10 Sep 2020 12:25 in Queensland by tazzer96

Wilston has one of these now.  Presumeably for the south pine road crossing at alderley.

These were desperately needed and common sense has prevailed.

The EMU and ICE rretirement we lose, 49 x 6 car units.  The NGR order is 75 x 6 car units.  So there is an overall increase in rollingstock.

Posted 07 May 2020 20:44 in Victoria by tazzer96

I thought they were de rated on newly built sets.

Anyway, it wouldn't affect affect absolute top speed.  Maybe the highest possible speed on an incline.  It just slightly affects acceleration, not  ...

Spirit of queensland also has the same issue as the westlander.  Night running through the parts most likely to use it.  Between carins and townsville is all in the perfect time, but this is also the  ...

Posted 28 Feb 2020 02:00 in Queensland by tazzer96

QR has laughably bad dead running.  Ipswich line is the worst for it.  More out of service trains along it than in service.

Posted 28 Feb 2020 02:00 in Queensland by tazzer96

QR has laughably bad dead running.  Ipswich line is the worst for it.  More out of service trains along it than in service.

As an interim measure could an XPT set be hauled by other locos?
Not in passenger service.  

1.  Wouldn't be able to maintain timetable as its limited to 115 and the yellow b ...

Imagine the outrage if they built a major highway/motorway these days and they made trucks slow down at every bridge because they couldn't be arsed designed a bridge to take a b double at 110 km/h.

Posted 03 Feb 2020 22:35 in Sydney Suburban by tazzer96

[quote=ANR]Just saw Sydney Trains Vlogs where the 6 car train is being put through its paces around Mount Druitt/Doonside.

It is actually worse than I initially feared. These trains are just subur ...

I would be livid if I spent a few thousand dollars on a luxury train ride just to be put on some coaches.  The IP isn't about transport, getting you from A to B.  Its about the journey.

Posted 13 Jan 2020 23:00 in Queensland by tazzer96

I'm not some GOD DAMN terrorist Queensland Rail!

For one, that's something a terrorist would probably say.

Secondly , I did once find the external schematics for the D ...
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