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[quote=apw5910][quote]I suppose since I started picking matches out of urinals in 1971 as a Junior Station Assistant (the lowest of the low) until now (except for 2 years when I toyed with retirement) ...

And while I'm making myself look like an idiot apologies to theanimal, when I read your post I assumed you had made a mistake!
I suppose sinc ...

I've seen A4 and A3 envelopes; what is a kinematic envelope?
my apologies, i thought this term was in common usage, apparently i was wrong.

[quote=DCook]Maybe if those shortsighted politicians had spent money on reopening the Blayney to Harden line rather than diverted to unnecessary road upgrades the journey time for the retrieval of tho ...

Posted 03 Feb 2020 04:25 in Sydney Suburban by theanimal

[quote=ANR]Sims, it looks like an Oscar, sounds like an Oscar, it's a.... NIF. I have traveled on Oscars.

The seats won't change my mind. It is a step down from Oscars. At least King Oscar sardine ...

How big is the driver pool?  With up to 50 drivers laid off, are those remaining required to do overtime to maintain the service?  If so, is that not also a safety hazard?
So  ...


Posted 20 Jan 2020 04:05 in Western Australia by theanimal

[quote=ANR]Better still, if the Eyre Highway closes, can't the State or Federal government get PacNat or SCT to put on extra trains at say Kalgoorlie and Port Augusta to take cars and trucks across th ...

[quote=AN830]Has GWA landed it's lease of the Barossa Line back to the Government?

I can't see trains returning to the Barossa, well at least in the comeing decade. The only thing I see that could ...

Posted 13 Jan 2020 19:29 in Queensland by theanimal

[quote=cityrail-rulez][quote]These simulator projects seem to be causing you much more aggravation than enjoyment. I would suggest stepping away for a bit and doing something you enjoy, then come back ...


I'm sure you would be aware that there are already numerous vehicle detection devices sprinkled around the ARTC network that detect issues such as wheelset angle of attack, hot axle bo ...

Posted 31 Dec 2019 19:13 in New South Wales by theanimal

[quote=Lockspike]I found the Tulloch cars (PCH 1200 class) to be comfortable, quiet ([i]well, as good as a DMU will ever be[/i]) and smooth to travel in, and they didn't seem to lack power. I understa ...

So a 3 month extension, now I want to see every one here who has posted for its retention publish a picture of their ticket after they go for a trip.

it is an unfortunate fact of life that the onl ...

classified as a wrong side failure

Posted 01 Dec 2019 17:57 in Sydney Suburban by theanimal

[quote=C3765][quote]Come and join SETS for a fun day out, with a tour to places that are rarely visited by Interurban trains! This will be a rail enthusiast tour not to be missed! Out tour will commen ...

[quote=c3526blue][quote][quote][quote]ARTC has issued TAA 1322-2019 for Transport Heritage NSW to operate testing for 3801 on Mon 9th Dec & Tues 10th Dec, from Chullora to Enfield Junction, around the ...

[quote=DCook][quote]ARTC has issued TAA 1322-2019 for Transport Heritage NSW to operate testing for 3801 on Mon 9th Dec & Tues 10th Dec, from Chullora to Enfield Junction, around the Sydney Trains net ...

Posted 25 Nov 2019 18:47 in Sydney Suburban by theanimal


XPT seats are not rotable during a journey and so they are not comparable to reversible v set and Oscar seats. They are also extremely heavy seats compared to what is being aimed for ...

Well, if it runs rampart through my suburb in Western Sydney and kills some of the dogs, I will not loose any sleep.

Actually without the barking mongrels, i suppose I will gain sleep.


what would be the cost benefit from the change, please no pictures, I bunderstand you are on the spectrum, but just a succint response please.

What's a crossbuck?
Google can be your friend, it worked for me, perhaps it might work for you?

why would they continue to throw good money away on a money losing venture?

I have no idea where you heard this and the nsw trainlink website still has alerts to rail services up in that direction due to bushfires.
I am fairly sure this has been ment ...

[quote=SydneyCider]An ARTC TOC Waiver was published on 27 September 2019 (yesterday) to grant the approval of a one-off movement of 629/729 from Branxton (North Rothbury) to Islington Junction with a ...

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