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Posted 29 Jan 2019 20:07 in Operators by trainguy84


Glad you guys enjoyed the NZ version of slow TV

Yes the Otira tunnel was electrified until 1997. They had their own coal fired power plant.

The tunnel is 8.5k long and is a 1 in 33 gradie ...


Based on the recent reruns, hopefully the N Class will be next with the new V/Line livery

Posted 16 Dec 2018 16:42 in South Australia by trainguy84

* I do not agree ...

Bloody RP won’t let me edit my posts from iPhone...


You need to request the desktop version rather than the mobile version, you should have the opt ...

Posted 16 Dec 2018 16:34 in Operators by trainguy84

[quote=nswtrains][quote]are SCT train lengths now approaching the point between MELBOURNE and ADELAIDE where a second train may be required especially given the recent stalling in the ADELAIDE Hills ? ...


I have never had any trouble photographing/filming at railway stations or platforms.

What is annoying & often gets us a bad name is those people who set up their tripods & block normal pass ...

Posted 16 Dec 2018 10:38 in Operators by trainguy84


Alot of different factors cause a train to stall, the weather being one of them & unfortunately SCT can't control the weather.

Weren't the recent stalls due to loco failures? It is just one  ...

Posted 14 Dec 2018 19:04 in South Australia by trainguy84


Whenever I travel into/out of Parklands terminal I just catch the train too/from Adelaide Showground's, it is just across the highway, & you have the added pleasure of seeing and passing freight ...

Posted 25 Nov 2018 19:42 in Armchair Operators by trainguy84


For starters the Adelaide Station is broad Guage.

Secondly there is only one return service to Broken Hill per week.

Also the XPTs are standard Guage.


It must be going ahead, there are details on it on the GSR website.


From what I have read, yes there will be a sound equipped version available, they are just waiting for a price from ESU. They will come equipped with a factory installed speaker.

They look a ...

Posted 14 Oct 2018 19:25 in New South Wales by trainguy84


I'm heading up to Newcastle for a few days and would like to capture a few trains.

Having looked at the timetables it looks like Sandgate is a good location, does it get both Carrington & Koo ...

Posted 14 Oct 2018 19:20 in New South Wales by trainguy84


I'm heading down to Wollongong for a few days & wanting to catch a few freighters/coal trains while I'm down there. I've had a look at the lineside locations, and I'm guessing that Coniston, Cri ...


If it is true then I feel sorry for OTM, from what I have seen they had been in discussions with their manufacturer a few months ago with a order form due to be released this weekend. Maybe a c ...


It all depends on what damaged has been caused due to the hole in the turbo inlet. Unfiltered air entering the combustion chamber is never good, especially when dust is sucked in, as it goes lik ...


Only a small run of curtain siders, and they think most will sell out before the end of the exhibition. For those who cannot attend you can order direct from OTM, for $35 those that are still av ...


This is going to split a few modellers, considering another manufacturer is bringing out the 80 class

One down 5 more locomotives to go according to the number mentioned in their May product ...


C501 is a non runner currently. It either has a turbo clutch problem, or a hole in the intake to the turbo.

It is going on static display at Goulburn along with the CFCLA C's and other C Clas ...

[quote=davesvline]Doubt it very much..

Interestingly the G class has gone quiet and it was up on their page well before the C class.

Be nice if they can update their products page to show "Sold O ...

Posted 11 Sep 2018 04:42 in Operators by trainguy84

One wagon was dropped off at either Frampton or Junee due to flat spots on the wheels.

Posted 27 Aug 2018 19:19 in South Australia by trainguy84


I have been on The Overland three times and I have enjoyed every trip, even though the last trip was delayed by a few hours due to a failed 5PM9 crossing the Adelaide Hills. The journey is a ver ...


And also the two other 40 footers released last week.

It is unfortunate if you missed out but you had plenty of time to get your orders in. The release had been delayed many times over the years, hence giving people a longer opportunity to order. I wonde ...


If anyone is holding out till the last minute to order their 46ft 6 inch reefer containers you have till midnight to get your order in before they go up to $39.95.

Aren't the XR/VL/BRM based on a similar under carriage?


Looks like they are still available from Australian Modeller though.

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